on the UMAMI

ON THE UMAMI – “UMAMI” soup stock

Umami is the core of the richness of life.


The focus on umami, which spreads gently and warmly in the mouth, is an essential sensibility of the Japanese people, who recognize and discover the goodness of what is there, and can be said to be one of the cornerstones of Japanese culture. ON THE UMAMI offers delicious proposals that transcend the boundaries of food and “spread around umami” based on the perspective and sensitivity to recognize and sense the quality of the real thing, which we have acquired through our pursuit of making dashi. We are particular about each and every ingredient and use carefully selected raw materials.

We offer a variety of dashi products, such as dashi packets and dashi seasonings that can be easily prepared and used without much effort. From “bonito” dashi, a traditional Japanese seasoning, to “vegetable dashi” that can be used as veggie broth. You can use our dashi products for a wide variety of dishes. You can purchase our products with peace of mind, as they contain no chemical seasonings or preservatives.












口の中でやさしく、暖かい余韻がひろがるうまみ(UMAMI )への着目は、そこにあるものの良さ位に気づき見いだす日本人の本質的な感性であり、日本文化の礎のひとつとも言えるもの。 ON THE UMAMIはダシづくりを追求する中で得た、本物のよさを見極め感じ取る視点や感性で、食の枠を超えた「うまみを軸に広がる」おいしい提案を行っています。
一つ一つの素材 にこだわり、厳選された原材料を使っています。