SanYoshi Lacquerware


SISUI hai Sake Cup

These Japanese sake cups made of 100 percent biodegradable plastic and coated with an exquisite urushi lacquer. This is a natural resin material that uses the Aizu lacquerware technique, which dates back more than 430 years. This Aizu lacquerware is handmade one by one by craftsmen.

By making these cups, SanYoshi Lacquerware began its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality and started taking action on SDGs.

In addition to sake cups, this product can be used as an accessory or accessory holder.




Sanyoshi Lacquerware was established in 1935 as part of Aizunuri

craftman. Aizunuri(lacquerware) has a 430-years history. We propose new products that match the needs of modern society while preserving this tradition. We have our own production factory and have an integrated production system from planning and design to product development from the customer’s point of view.