FR! o1/08

Osmanthus is a really beautiful flower both delicate and fresh with soft and clean juicy apricot, jasmine and light leathery and tea facets. In FR! 01/08, I expressed the delicacy and lightness of the flower while keeping it warm and sensual. To achieve this equilibrium, I created a composition with a sparkling citrus top of Bergamot Essence and Lemon Essence twisted with juicy transparent apricot notes. The light ethereal aspect of osmanthus is underlined by a crisp vegetal and dewy tea accord sprinkled with crushed green Violet Leaves. The freshness and the naturality of the flower is developed in arich and voluptuous heart of Tunisian Orange Flower Absolute LMR and Sambac Jasmine Absolute LMR.The fragrance becomes more sophisticated and deeper with a combination of leathery and chypre notes with Patchouli Heart Essence LMR.

オスマンサスは、デリケートでフレッシュ、そしてソフトでクリーンなジューシーアプリコット、ジャスミン、軽いレザーとティーのファセットを持つ、実に美しい花です。FR! 01/08では、この花の繊細さと軽さを表現しつつ、暖かさと官能性を持たせました。この均衡を保つために、ベルガモットエッセンスとレモンエッセンスのスパークリングシトラスのトップに、ジューシーで透明感のあるアプリコットのノートを絡めたコンポジションを作り上げました。オスマンサスの軽やかでエーテル調の香りは、砕いた緑のバイオレットリーフを散らした、さわやかな植物と露のようなティーアコードによって強調されています。チュニジアン・オレンジ・フラワー・アブソリュートLMRとサンバック・ジャスミン・アブソリュートLMRの豊かで官能的なハートノートによって、花の新鮮さと自然さが引き出され、パチュリ・ハートエッセンスLMRのレザーとシプレの組み合わせによって、香りはより洗練されて深くなっています。

Size: 2.5oz (75 ml)

Jean-Christophe grew up against the backdrop of perfume, as his father manufactured concentrates. While in his teens, his father gave him Joop for Men. “It was the first time I ever fell in love with a fragrance,” he recalls. Though he studied chemistry, it wasn’t until his father sent him to Grasse, as a trainee in a control laboratory, that he became intrigued by the fields of mimosa and the jasmine and tube rose absolutes. The real turning point came when he met Pierre Bourdon, the creator of Joop for Men, who agreed to mentor him on condition that he read all of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time. A year later, Bourdon began teaching him the method he’d learned from his mentor, Edmond Roudnitska. Jean-Christophe soon developed his own olfactory language, writing down what each raw material conjured up for him. Now at IFF, he works with incredible ingredients and dreams of creating a new olfactory family. Convinced that daring and creativity are essential to the fragrances of tomorrow, he strives to create perfumes which arouse forceful emotions.