slow and glow


All-in-one Gel Cream


An all-in-one gel with 100% naturally derived ingredients. Contains plant-derived beauty moisturizing ingredients and pomegranate seed oil, which is a skin-beautifying and moisturizing ingredient, to moisturize and smooth the skin, leading to smooth and smooth skin. You can expect a relaxing effect while taking care of your skin with the gentle richness of natural essential oils that makes you want to take a deep breath. It smells like orange, lavender and rosemary.

slow and glowは『心地よさ』にこだわった国産オーガニックスキンケアブランドです。20年間看護師として医療に従事した経験から「健康は心と身体と生活のバランスで成り立っている」という当たり前の大切なことに気づき、心と身体の健康を保ち、ライフスタイルに寄り添ったスキンケアブランドを立ち上げました。忙しい毎日にシンプルに心地よく使っていただけるプロダクトをご提案いたします。すべてのプロダクトに国際有機認「ECOCERT」「COSMOS ORGANIC」を取得し、健康にも環境にも配慮したコスメブランドを目指しています。私たちは自然の恩恵を受けているオーガニックブランドとして地球環境を守り、自然と共存していく大切さを日々感じています。slow and glowは「1% for the planet」のビジネスメンバーとして売り上げの1%を環境保護活動に寄付しています。

slow and glow is a domestic organic skin care brand that is particular about “comfort”. From 20 years of experience in medical care as a nurse, I realized the importance of  “health is made up of the balance between mind, body and life”, and I started up a skin care brand that keeps mind and body healthy and is close to our lifestyle. We propose products that can be used simply and comfortably in busy days. We have acquired international organic certifications “ECOCERT” and “COSMOS ORGANIC” for all products, aiming to be a cosmetics brand that is both healthy and environmentally friendly. As an organic brand that benefits from nature, we always feel the importance of protecting the global environment and coexisting with nature. As a business member of “1% for the planet”, slow and glow has donated 1% of sales to environmental protection activities.