Premium Perfect Cream is a high-performing medicated moisturizing cream formulated with our patented Rice Power® Extract No. 11 formula, which is proven to improve the skin’s moisture retention, and additional active beauty ingredients that deliver hydration for improved elasticity in the skin. Five effective ingredients with excellent anti-aging properties for youthful, supple skin Rice Power® Extract No. 11 boosts your skin’s ability to retain moisture. Proven to improve the skin’s natural moisture retention capabilities, Rice Power® Extract No. 11 will enhance hydration to battle dryness, even combatting fine lines caused by moisture loss.

プレミアムパーフェクトクリームは、肌の水分保持力を高める効果が実証されている特許取得のライスパワー®エキスNo.11を配合し、さらに、肌に潤いを与えて弾力性を高める美容有効成分を加えた高機能な薬用保湿クリームです。エイジングケアに優れた5つの有効成分が、若々しいハリのある肌へ ライスパワー®エキスNo.11が、肌の水分保持力を高めます。ライスパワー®エキスNo.11は、肌本来の保湿力を高めることが証明されており、乾燥による小じわにも対応する保湿力を発揮します。



Mail order sales of cosmetics. Sales of skin care products made from rice Brand. Launched in Japan in 2000.

Since 2019, employees at Rice Force have been planting and harvesting rice, which is the foundation of Rice Force products, as part of our commitment to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Overseas partners are also participating in this project, and rice power extracts are extracted from “specially cultivated rice” grown only with organic fertilizers, without using any chemical fertilizers, and made into products.