Heart Long Cloth Pad

ハートのロング布ナプキンは、洗って何度も使うことのできる生理用、冷え対策用の布ナプキンです。素材は、表生地、吸収体、縫製糸も全てオーガニックコットン100%です。 多い日でも朝まで安心してお使いいただけるように、長さ37cmのロングサイズに仕上げています。 ピンクに染めている「茜」は日本、朝鮮、中国、台湾に自生している多年草のつる性の草を使っています。その茜の根を煮だして染料を作る茜染は古代から用いられた染色方法です。 グレーに染めているログウッドはメキシコが原産のマメ科の植物です。アメリカの先住民族が伝統的に使用していた染料で、古くから薬用や衣類の染色に使われています。コットンのガーゼの風合い、植物の自然で深みのあるグレー色のシックさにより気分も高まります。 羽の部分でショーツをはさみ、スナップをとめて使用します。量が多い日は表面にパッドをのせたり、裏面の羽中央にパッドを差し込んだりし吸収部分を厚くして使用します。 布ナプキンを使うことで、体が温まり、心地よい日々を過ごせると人気です。ぜひ布ナプキン生活を始めみませんか。

Heart’s long cloth pad is a sanitary and cold protection cloth pad that can be washed and used many times. The material is 100% organic cotton for the outer fabric, absorber, and sewing thread. It is finished in a long size of 37 cm so that you can use it safely until morning even many quantity. “Akane”, which dyes pink, is a perennial vine that grows naturally in Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. Akane dyeing is a method that has been used since ancient times to boil the roots of Akane to make dyes. Logwood, which dyes gray, is a leguminous plant native to Mexico. This dye has traditionally been used by Native Americans, and it has been used for medicinal and clothing dyeing for a long time. The texture of cotton gauze and the natural and deep gray color of the plant are chic and enhance the mood. You can clasp the panties with the wings and fasten the snaps. On days you have a large amount, you can put a pad on the front or insert a pad in the center of the wings on the back to make the absorbent part thicker. Using cloth napkins is popular because it warms you up and makes you feel comfortable. Why don’t you start living with cloth napkins?


Since it was founded in 1995, Made in Earth has consistently worked on manufacturing products that can be safely used by people with delicate skin, focusing on pure organic cotton products. Made in Earth’s pure organic cotton products are made without the use of synthetic chemicals that are harmful to the environment or the human body in every process of production, from cotton cultivation to yarn and fabric production, in order to maximize the natural power and full texture of cotton. Our products are made based on the wisdom and skills of our staff and the power of nature. From babies to the elderly, Made in Earth aims to further improve its products to enrich the blue sky of life born from bare skin. Please enjoy the happiness of bare skin nurtured by pure organic cotton born from nature.