Kazani Beauty


Kazani Intensive Hair and Scalp Serum

This patent pending* overnight multi-use serum, with plant-based ingredients, hydrates and nourishes the hair from the scalp to promote healthier-looking hair growth and help restore its healthy shine. An artisanal blend of herbs, flowers and cold-pressed walnut and pine oils, our fast-absorbing serum hydrates while helping to fortify hair. Use directly on the scalp and hair to strengthen and protect from pollution and other environmental factors.

この特許出願中*のオーバーナイトマルチユースセラムは、植物ベースの成分を含み、頭皮から髪に水分を補給して栄養を与え、より健康的な髪の成長を促進し、健康的な輝きを取り戻すのに役立ちます。 ハーブ、花、コールドプレスされたクルミと松根油の職人によるブレンドで、髪を強化しながら、吸収の速い美容液が水和します。 頭皮と髪に直接使用して、汚染やその他の環境要因を強化し、保護します。



Kazani is a family run business built upon an ancient recipe that was handed down from generation to generation, each time adapting and evolving into a modern hair and body care solution. We took all the expertise we had and directed to time-tested recipes and began researching generations-old family secrets made from ancient beauty formulas. We found innovative ways to infuse oils with flowers and herbs and use cold-processed methods to preserve the nutrients in every jar and bottle. Our name Kazani is named for the traditional copper kettle that was used for centuries over an open fire, for the slow preparation of products, remedies and formulas. While our products are not made that way, Kazani still symbolizes the thought, consideration and passion behind each and every product we make. They are handcrafted in small batches to preserve their powerful and effective benefits, using only the purest and most potent ingredients, and without artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals so they work with your hair and skin’s natural composition.