Dassai Beauty (Shiko Beauty Collective)


Dassai Facial Mask

Formulated with a luxurious blend of Dassai Sake Lees Extract, this ultra-nourishing mask surges skin with essential moisture.



Dassai Beauty

The Dassai facial mask was developed with the wish of sharing Japan’s beauty culture with the world. Sake-brewers are widely known to have beautiful hands in Japan. The moisturizing power of fermented sake lees, imbued with the vitality of thriving microorganisms, has been developed into a beauty essence that is truly a pride of Japan. Relentless attention was paid to the finest detail to create a facial mask that can be used every day, especially for irritated skin. Highly moisturizing and comfortable to use in any season, the Dassai facial mask is designed for demanding connoisseurs devoted to providing the ultimate care for their skin.