ALTY Skincare Brush

You’ll never put a washcloth to your face again after experiencing the gentle cleansing of ALTY’s brush series. The brushes range in size and shape to give a comprehensive cleaning, massaging away dirt and impurities. What’s special about the Skincare Brush Series is their one-of-a-kind refined fibers. Each brush also has unique, tapered tips creating a fine, uneven surface that leave your skin supple and glowing.


The ALTY skincare brush is the accomplishment of Japanese craftsmen following two years of careful trial and error. This ‘soft-touch’ brush was made with great care and love. With our unique technique in making this instrument of heavenly softness and the resulting smooth skin after use, the ALTY skincare brush has sold solely by its sterling reputation through word of mouth.
Some years later, the number of users, fans and devotees increased when it started selling at department stores and retailers. Since then, it has become a best seller. With the resulting fantastic skin condition of the brush users, our reputation has spread far and wide, even overseas. Now, the ALTY skincare brush is beloved by a great number of ladies in Asia, the West, and all over the world, as well as Japan. We hope it will become your favorite too. Our dreamily soft filaments are made of Kanegoat Fiber, an extremely delicate synthetic fiber designed to resemble the softness of goat hair.
It is uneven on the surface, just like natural hair, which is the key to clean at the micro level of dirt in the pores. By the same token, the tip of this rich fiber Kanegoat has been sharpened by traditional Japanese brush craftsmen. Thanks to that, we succeeded in making the ALTY skincare brush dreamily soft. It is a product born of combining the handiwork of very experienced Japanese traditional craftsmen and our nation’s advanced fiber technology.