Very Belly Warmer ,Kanto


In Japan, there is a culture of warming the stomach for health.Many of us must have been told by our parents when we were children, “Don’t let your stomach get cold!It has long been said that “cold is the root of all illnesses,” and modern medicine has also shown that “a drop in body temperature of 1 degree Celsius lowers immunity by 30% or more.Lymphocytes are immune cells that play a role in immunity, and 70% of all lymphocytes are concentrated in the intestines.Warming the abdomen (intestines) is also linked to improved immunity.In other words, warming the abdomen with haramaki has been a folk remedy in Japan for a long time, but it is also medically correct.It is an excellent natural therapy that utilizes the natural healing power of the human body without relying on drugs, and can be said to be one of the “intestinal activities” that are popular in Japan these days.However, it is not possible to always wear a thick haramaki like Papa Bakabon, the famous Japanese cartoon character.Therefore, we have come up with a design that even the younger generation can enjoy as a fashion item.We also wanted people to use good things for a long time, as if they would last a lifetime, so we were particular about the materials used, which are 100% cashmere from the finest Inner Mongolia. Even though it is cashmere, it is an excellent material that does not lose its shape even if it is washed in a washing machine. (We have obtained evidence from a Japanese inspection period that it does not lose its shape.)Because it is made of cashmere, it does not feel prickly and is moist to the touch, so it can be used in a variety of ways, such as as a snood or as a mask at bedtime.Color: navy, cocoa, gray, citrusMaterial: 100% cashmereSize M: Waist 60-80 cmSize L: waist 70-90 cm

日本では、健康のためにお腹をあたためるという文化があります。子どもの頃、親から「お腹を冷やしちゃダメ!」と言われたことのある人は多いはず。「冷えは万病の元」とは、昔からよく言われていることですが、現代医学でも「体温が1度下がると、免疫力が30%以上低下」することが明らかにされています。その免疫力の役割を担っているのがリンパ球という免疫細胞ですが、全体のリンパ球のうち、なんと70%は腸に集中。お腹(腸)を温めることは、免疫力の向上にも繋がっているのです。つまり、ハラマキでお腹を温めることは、日本では昔から続く民間治療のひとつでしたが、医学的にも正しかったということ。薬品に頼らず、人間の自然治癒力を生かした、優れた自然療法であり、昨今、日本で流行している「腸活」のひとつと言えます。とはいえ、日本の名作漫画のキャラクター、バカボンのパパみたいに、いつも分厚いハラマキをつけているわけにはいきません。そこで、若い世代でもファッションのひとつとして楽しめるデザインを考えてみました。また、良いものを一生ものとして長く愛用してもらいたいという気持ちから、最高級の内モンゴル産のカシミヤ100%の素材にもこだわりました。カシミヤなのに洗濯機で洗っても型崩れが起こらない優れものです。(日本の検査期間で型崩れが起こらないエビデンスをとりました)カシミア素材なのでチクチク感がなく、しっとりとした肌触りなので、スヌードや就寝時のマスクがわりにするなど、多様性ある使い方もできます。色:ネイビー、ココア、グレー、シトラス素材 カシミヤ100%Mサイズ ウエスト60−80センチLサイズ ウエスト70−90センチ



We deal with contents and products with “kawaii(cute)” as the key word, such as sundries, interior, lifestyle and culture.When you come in contact with kawaii things, you will feel excited and happy.Happy feelings nurture kindness.And one person’s kindness will surely lead to a chain of kindness for those around them.Through cute things and experiences, we hope to create a port where everyone involved can enjoy a win-win situation.Kawaii-winport is a creative ideal that produces contents and products to realize this.We hope that the “Kawaii Haramaki” will warm up your body and make you feel happy and joyful when you wear it.



・ Made of comfortable, natural materials.・The fact that it is made of 100% white cashmere, a top quality product, makes you want to use it for a long time.▪ By warming the stomach day and night, the immune system is strengthened and the body can be cured without having to rely on supplements or other medicines.