obon table ,Kanto

Table for the Blind by the Blind

The visually impaired have to grasp the table space by contacting, so to prevent losing where things are located, they put their tableware together on a tray when they eat meals.Inspired by this, a crater-shaped indentation was made on the tabletop to fix the placement of objects and make them easier to grasp.In addition, by insisting on the use of domestic timber, we give consideration to the preservation of the domestic forestry industry and the effective use of thinned wood.


Table for the Blind by the Blind

The B.B.table (Table for the Blind by the Blind) project aims to create better designs by incorporating the sensitivities of the visually impaired and their opinions into product development. In addition to circulating research and design, our future goal is to produce products by the visually impaired themselves at multifunctional establishments for the visually impaired.The project is characterized by the fact that NPOs, researchers, and product designers have collaborated to develop new designs based on the visually impaired people’s own lives.

B.B.table(Table for the Blind by the Blind)プロジェクトでは、視覚障害者の感性や使用者の声を製品開発にフィードバックし、より良いデザインの実現を目指しています。リサーチとデザインを循環させるだけでなく、今後は視覚障害者の多機能型事業所において、視覚障害者自身による生産を目指しています。NPO・研究者・プロダクトデザイナーの3者が共同し、視覚障害者自身の生活の工夫をもとに新たなデザインを導き出した点が本プロジェクトの特徴です。