Kesennuma Milky Oyster Sauce ,Tohoku

Ishiwata Shoten Co., Ltd

This domestic oyster sauce is made from fully ripe oysters from Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture.Only oysters before spawning from March to late May are used. The oyster meat is frozen fresh and enzymatically decomposed to make a whole oyster extract, which is seasoned without chemical seasonings. It is a gem that allows you to make the most of the sea’s bounty in your cooking.・Winner of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award at the 24th National Seafood Processing and Tasting Exhibition (2013). ・Patent number: No. 6647804・SGS HACCP certified product

宮城県気仙沼産の完熟した牡蠣を使用した国産オイスターソースです。3月~5月下旬に取れる産卵前の牡蠣のみを使用。新鮮なうちに凍結、酵素分解し牡蠣の身を丸ごとエキスにして、化学調味料を使わずに味付けした濃厚なオイスターソースです。海の恵みを料理に活かせる逸品です・第24回全国水産加工たべもの展 農林水産大臣賞受賞(2013年) ・特許番号:No: 第6647804号・SGS社HACCP認証商品

Ishiwata Shoten Co., Ltd


Kesennuma, blessed with rich fishing grounds in the Sanriku region, is one of the leading port towns in Japan. Ishiwatari Shoten was founded in 1957. Under the theme of “cherishing the bounty of the sea and creating a food culture,” the company has focused on developing, processing, and selling products that make the most of local ingredients. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, the company began “developing products that contribute to the local community,” and with the cooperation of producers and local residents, also produces and sells oyster sauce using oysters from Kesennuma. Our oyster sauce, made with whole seasonal oysters known only to people on the beach, has received high praise both in Japan and abroad for its unprecedented taste. We will continue to enhance the value of Kesennuma’s marine resources and communicate their appeal to the world.



1) The company procures raw materials whose origin and processing processes are traceable, and 100% of oysters are locally sourced.2) The company focuses on oysters caught in early spring, outside of November to February, which is considered the season in Japan, and selects the time of year when the ingredients themselves have the richest flavor. This improves the value of oysters that are out of season and also plays a role in improving the profitability of oyster producers.(3) Oyster sauce is generally made by concentrating oyster broth, which leaves a residue at the end. We use enzymes to liquefy all of the ingredients, eliminating the residue and maximizing the flavor of the ingredients in the sauce.



1) 原産地や加工工程が追跡可能な原材料の調達をしており、牡蠣は地元の原料を100%使用しています。2)日本で旬とされる11月~2月以外の春先にとれる牡蠣に注目し、素材そのものの味が一番濃厚な時期を選定。旬を逃した牡蠣の価値をあげると共に生産者の収益改善の一翼を担っている。3)オイスターソースは一般的に牡蠣の煮汁を濃縮して作られ最後に滓がでます。弊社では酵素を使用し原料全てを液体化し残渣をなくし、素材の味を最大限ソースに閉じ込めております。