Hinoki cube sachet ,Kanto


The sachets are made from cubes of wood grains at the Hinohara Plant in Tokyo. This item can contribute to forest preservation because it can be made from wood remnants.The sachets are made from cypress wood, which has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties. You can put it in the bathtub to enjoy a “hinoki bath” or use it as a deodorant and insect repellant item for your wardrobe or shoe box.



We are a manufacturer wooden products for promotional gifts and household goods that utilize domestic timber, including thinned timber.Despite the fact that Japan is a land of many forests, domestic timber is still not well utilized. The environment can be protected by properly managing and using forests through thinning and other means. Also, in the processing of wood, traditional historical techniques are preserved by continuing to produce products.Since 2007, we have been focusing on Japan’s forest resources and creating products that “deliver the forest and create the future” by shedding light on the sustainable resource of “wood” that lies dormant in Japan, including lumber from thinning.Through the planning, design, and production of environmentally friendly wooden products, we help companies that promote DGs/ESG management, as well as the elimination of plastics. Furthermore, we can also help people in need of social support, for example, by conducting our setting work in facilities for the physically challenged or in disaster-stricken areas.Through the use of “wood,” the bounty of the forest, we will develop businesses that lead to the preservation of domestic forests and the revitalization of the wood industry, thereby contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.



– Made from thinned Japanese cypress wood- Can be used as a diffuser with aroma drops after use.- Can be assembled at facilities for the physically challenged or in disaster-stricken areas (Tohoku)