Fair Trade coffee dripbag produced in Timor-Leste. ,Kanto

Reitaku Junior and Senior High School SDGs Study Group「EARTH」

Fair Trade coffee is both producer-friendly and environmentally friendly. When you drink coffee,you will surely have a kind heart.We are using coffee produced in Timor-Leste.The packaging work is outsourced to people with disabilities.We have opened an online store to sell drip bags designed by students with their individual thoughts and feelings.Currently, we have completed our third drip bag, which can be considered the culmination of our efforts, and have sold a cumulative total of 4,000 drip bags.What is Fair Trade ?Fair trade is a trade that is conducted by producers in developing countries and it is a system of trade that aims for a sustainable society by offering fair prices to workers.Why are we supporting East Timor?It has no time difference from Japan and is the newest country in Asia, having gained independence after 2000.The economic standard is so low that it is said to be the poorest country in the world, and one out of every four people in the country makes a living as a coffee farmer. That is why we believe that our future support will make the coffee farmers sustainable development possible.


Reitaku Junior and Senior High School SDGs Study Group「EARTH」

麗澤中学・高等学校 SDGs研究会「EARTH」

「EARTH」was established in 2020. The team name is 「EARTH」has total of 70 members of junior high and high school students.E Equal Let’s not leave anyone behind A Action Let’s do what only junior and senior high school students can doR Reitaku Let’s spread it from Reitaku to the world T Team Let’s work together as a team and generate great power H Home Let’s make it a place where all members feel at home Our activities started with just one English textbook.Reading a story of the lemonade stand that was on it,we started a lemonade stand for childhood cancer support in 2018 to raise funds for that activity. It has evolved into a fair trade coffee activity to make a fair transaction.Currently, we are engaged in various activities related to the SDGs.We are a fair trade traded company in Timor-Leste.We use coffee beans and sell them at school events such as parent-teacher conferences and cultural festivals, and work to make as many people as possible aware of fair trade.Instead of receiving no money from the school, the proceeds from these sales fund our operations, creating a sustainable cycle for the entire institute.

2020年から新設された部活動で、現在はチーム名「EARTH」として中高合わせて70名で活動しています。E Equal 一人も残さず明るい明日を迎えられるようにしようA Action 中高生だからこそ出来ることをしようR Reitaku 麗澤から世界に広めていこうT Team チーム一丸となって大きな力にしていこうH Home 全てのメンバーの居場所になるような場所にしよう私たちの活動のきっかけは、一冊の英語の教科書でした。そこに載っていたレモネードスタンドのお話をきっかけに2018年に小児がん支援のレモネードスタンドを始め、その活動資金を生み出すために公正な取引をするためのフェアトレードコーヒーの活動に発展しました。今現在は、SDGsに関わる様々な活動を行っています。私たちは、東ティモールのフェアトレードで取引されたコーヒー豆を使用し、保護者会や文化祭などの学校行事で販売し、フェアトレードについて多くの人に知ってもらえるように活動をしています。学校から一切お金をもらわない代わりに、この収益が私たちの運用資金となり、研究会全体の持続可能な循環を生み出しています。