Cowhide Leather Body&Hipbag ,Kanto


5 features of cowhide body and hip bags1. minimalist design2. separate cell phone-sized pocket3. foldable design conforms to the body4. thin but with great storage capacity5. high quality cowhide leather materialCowhide body and hip bag that matches the smartphone era. The simple design can be used as a body bag or as a hip bag in various styles according to the user’s preference. Although the gusset is 3 cm, it has excellent storage capacity! It was unlikely that there would be a smartphone-sized pocket + a pocket that could hold a long wallet! It is a bag that is very popular not only in Japan but also overseas. Because it uses high quality cowhide, the more you use it, the more familiar it will become and the better the texture will change.

ボディ&ヒップバッグ5つの特徴1. ミニマルデザイン2. スマホサイズの独立したポケット3. 折り曲がるデザインは身体にフィット4. 薄型なのに収納力抜群5. 上質の牛革素材牛革ボディ&ヒップバッグは、シンプルなデザインはボディバッグとして、ヒップバッグとして、お使いになる方の好みで様々なスタイルでご愛用いただけます。マチは3cmでありながら収納力は抜群!スマホサイズのポケット+長財布も入るポケットはありそうでなかった!と日本国内を始め、海外でも大変好評をいただいているバッグです。上質な牛革を使用しているため、使えば使うほど馴染んで良い風合いに変化します。



Our company [Secrecy] has been planning, manufacturing, wholesale and selling original products centered on leather products since 2015. In particular, the standard product “Cowhide Body & Hip Bag” is a functional product that matches the smartphone era, and the Japan-designed cowhide body & hip bag is a product that improves the worries of “minimalist” and “smartphone users”. I planned it. “A bag that can store your smartphone comfortably and safely and can be carried around” “Simple design that matches any outfit” “High-quality cowhide can be used habitually for a long time, and the more you use it, the better the texture”, which has been very well received in Japan. It is a bag that is. In overseas EC, it is a product that has been well received by many customers such as Kickstarter in the United States and Wabay in Taiwan. In the future, we would like to proceed with product planning that incorporates the needs of each buyer. Thank you for your cooperation.



①We are working in Bangladesh with the goal of contributing to production, employment contribution and technological improvement.②Genderless Products③High quality cowhide products can be used for a long time.