Bourgogne – white – ,Kanto


We succeed to make a plump curve form and integral construction from its foot to stem, bowl and rim, by using bamboo, the shape is starting from the broad bowl to narrows as it rises to the rim. The ability to suppress excess acidity while better preserving the aroma is a major point of this silhouette. It attracts people for the smooth touch of silky surface by delicate finishing process. In addition, “bamboo” has been popular since ancient times as a lucky charm of Japan wishing for health. Not only does it have an impact on the appearance and a good atmosphere, but it is also chosen by many as a gift for loved ones.




Bamboo is a natural traditional material from Japan ancient times. RIVERET designs safe and effective bamboo-made tableware to suit closely with your daily meals and lifestyle. This tableware offers gentle warmth and accommodates various lifestyles. This is made possible with our in-house developed technology with green tea leaf-based coating (LOHAS coat) and integrated woodturning technology. This original processing technology, which leverages bamboo lightness and superior strength compared to wood is also reflected in the beauty of the form design and its expressiveness.



・Moso bamboo grows more than 20 times faster than regular wood, eliminating the need to use pesticides or over-plant trees, which can have a negative impact on the ecosystem.・Less energy consumption during production period, compared to ceramics and glass.・Those chips produced during the bamboo cutting process are not discarded but used as fuel.