Tobeyaki jewelry(四国)


fuzoroi -Kintsugi Art Jewelry-


This year, we are pleased to present a special collaboration with Joshua Kobo, a popular Tobe pottery artist from Ehime, Japan. Called Joshua Blue, it is a beautiful, gentle, deep blue color that expresses “the sea of Seto” and “the sky of Iyo. Using techniques cultivated in kintsugi (metal-joining), traditional craft works are turned into fashionable jewelry.




Handmade Kintsugi jewelry

Made of Japanese antique pottery.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing Broken pottery with gold. The repairs are visible and beautiful. Usually broken pottery is useless and thrown away, but I believe there is still beauty.
Each creation is comprised of separate pieces of art; when fuzed together using the techniques of Kintsugi, they become a whole new piece of art.