Premium Perfect Cream is a high-performing medicated moisturizing cream formulated with our patented Rice Power® Extract No. 11 formula, which is proven to improve the skin’s moisture retention, and additional active beauty ingredients that deliver hydration for improved elasticity in the skin.
~Five effective ingredients with excellent anti-aging properties for youthful, supple skin~

■Rice Power® Extract No. 11 boosts your skin’s ability to retain moisture. Proven to improve the skin’s natural moisture retention capabilities, Rice Power® Extract No. 11 will enhance hydration to battle dryness, even combatting fine lines caused by moisture loss.

■New moisturizing ingredient White Wood Ear Mushroom Recently discovered to have advanced moisture-retaining properties, White Wood Ear Mushroom is a better humectant than hyaluronic acid. While Rice Power® Extract No. 11 provides moisture from within, this ingredient creates a moisturizing layer topically, locking in hydration.

■Ceramide Polymer for enhanced elasticity and firmness A new component that imitates natural ceramide, it improves skin elasticity as it gently covers the surface of the skin. Ceramide Polymer helps lift up the skin as it adds elasticity and firmness to the skin.

■Other Emollient Ingredients for naturally glowing, soft skin We have carefully selected and blended various natural emollient ingredients that will soothe dehydrated skin, making your skin softer and smoother to the touch. (Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Rosehip Oil, Beeswax, Trehalose, etc.)

■“Licorice” protects skin from roughness
Licorice extract is used to protect skin from roughness and inflammation caused by dryness and aging.







RICE FORCE is a skincare brand containing Rice Power®︎ Extract, which has concentrated skin-nurturing power. A rich concentration of the core ingredient “Rice Power® Extract No.11” restores and boosts natural ceramide production within the skin, fostering its own moisturizing power.
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