デスク回りに最適な葉っぱモチーフのleafトレイ。 模様が主張しすぎず日常に溶け込みやすいデザインです。 普通のプラスチック製品だと色が派手過ぎて浮いてしまうかもしれないけれど、なにか明るい色味が使いたい時、ぴったりのアイテムです。

Garbage changes depending on the location of the beach. Some beaches have foreign garbage with huge size, while others are full of finely crushed micro-plastics.
The product is made only from the marine plastic trash that we pick up, and we do not add any color nor materials it.
The pattern is unique, created by chance. We make products by crushing flakes of various colors and materials, but we can’t imagine the pattern of the product until we create them.

The tray with a leaf motif that is perfect around the desk.
It has a marble pattern, and is not overstated. So it fits in everyday life.
If it is an ordinary plastic product, the color may be too flashy, but it is a perfect item when you want to use something bright.







<A brand that exists to disappear near future>

“buøy” is a product made from almost 100% marine plastic waste.
Using a unique molding method developed by Technolabo Corporation, each “buøy” has a different color and pattern while preserving the original color of the waste.
The weight of each “buøy” equals to the weight of the trash that was floating in the ocean.
Each pattern is made up of the colors of the plastic waste we have thrown away.
we believe that if more people become aware of the current state of the oceans, the more people will work on marine waste issues. Our act for marine waste makes the problem to be closer to a solution.

The ocean on SNS looks beautiful, but marine debris is hidden outside that picture.
I hope that many people will pick up “buøy” and feel more familiar with the issue of marine debris.
Our brand exists for the day when plastic disappears from the ocean. And that day, “buøy” can no longer be produce.