HAA for bath(九州)


「HAA for bath」をお風呂に入れると、白く濁り、とろりとしたお湯になります。これは、希少な青粘土を原料に育てられた「別府湯の花」由来の成分と、アルカリ性の温泉成分によるもの。この対極の成分を絶妙なバランスで掛け合わせることで、天然ミネラルを含みつつ、肌ざわりがやさしくなめらかな湯質を実現しました。

また、「HAA for bath」には、天然由来の微量ミネラルが豊富に含まれています。このミネラル成分が皮膚の表面にやさしく覆い、カラダの熱の放散を防ぐ為、入浴後の保温効果も続きます。やさしい湯ざわりの「HAA for bath」でリラックスした時間をお過ごしください。

When put “HAA for bath”in the bath, the water becomes hazy and thick. This is due to the ingredients derived from “Beppu yunohana,” which is grown from rare blue clay, and alkaline hot spring water. By combining these opposing ingredients in a perfect balance, the water contains natural minerals and is soft and gentle on the skin.

”HAA for bath” is also rich in naturally occurring trace minerals. These minerals gently cover the surface of the skin, preventing the body’s heat from dissipating, and thus maintaining the heat-retaining effect after bathing. Let’s enjoy a relaxing time with the gentle feeling of “HAA for bath”.




HAA is a life-style brand inspired from “Toji” culture, which is a traditional Japanese healing method rooted in Kannawa Onsen.
We try to create products and services that respect the materials and traditions of each region of Japan. In today’s society, where breathing tends to be shallow, our mission is to “bring deep breathing into daily life” and provide HAA life which means restful life with deep breathing.