The clay itself is colored and fired by adding raw materials of each color to the clay at the potter’s clay stage. Yamashita Toen refers to the series using this technique as the NEIRO series because the colors are kneaded.
Since there is no need to apply glaze to the surface, there is no unglazed bottom, which is usually the case.
The flower vase “corock” has no “bottom” and can be placed on any side. Depending on how you place it, you can enjoy a myriad of expressions. It is beautiful not only as a flower vase but also as an interior decoration.
Since no glaze is applied to the surface, it cannot be faked. Another characteristic of this product is that it requires delicate and careful manufacturing from the clay stage.





Factory Brand of Hasami Pottery”
Our company’s vision is to convey the appeal of the ceramic industry. We believe that manufacturing and the ceramic industry are very attractive. In order to convey this, we make the techniques and processes particular and characteristic of our products and series. We not only create products that are attractive to the user, but we also produce our products with the idea that the user can feel some part of the ceramic industry from our products.
The techniques and processes that characterize our products and series do not remain unchanged, but we value new challenges and innovations each time.
At the same time, our products themselves are not pretentious, and we want to produce products that can be used in daily life and are needed.
We value the enjoyment we get from making nucca products without forgetting the true nature of craftsmanship.