Laurel ,Kanto

Ethical & Sustainable Fine Jewelry EARTHRISE Co. Ltd.

■Collection name■Laurel ■Concept■The gift of the precious presence  “Laurel” has been loved by ancient people and this is our source of inspiration. This collection is made with Florentine engraving on the surfaces by expert craftsmanship. Accentuate the beauty of the carving with a special texture is also an elegant charm of this jewelry. “Laurel” is absolute non-mass production, made by fine artisans with its distinctively high quality method. You may find its carefully and heartily made.A stunning ethical diamond sets in the center of the carving and this is some of the most classic, chick and sophisticated jewelry.  Since antiquity, the laurel has been regarded as a powerful symbol of victory, immortality and peace. Laurel leaf wreaths and crowns of honor were given to victors and conquering heroes in ancient Greece. Laurel has also a meaning of “precious”. We capture the symbol of nobility for true life from a brand new perspective. Delicate and dense fresh laurel leaves are made with Florentine engraving. Its silky unique texture with great finesse enhances more elegant. ■Materials■K18YG (Fairmined Gold, Chain and Crasp (necklace): Recycled Gold)Pt950 (Recycled Platinum)Ethical diamond (Origin Australia)


Ethical & Sustainable Fine Jewelry EARTHRISE Co. Ltd.


■Brand Origin StoryChristmas Eve, 1968.The crew of Apollo 8, the first humans to leave low Earth orbit. When the spacecraft came out from behind the Moon for its fourth pass across the front, they witnessed “EARTHRISE” for the first time in human history.What was reflected in the eyes of the crews?It was the sight of a small, intensely beautiful blue Earth rising above the barren, gray horizon of the Moon. The Earth shining in the darkness of space.The astronauts were breathless at the beauty of the Earth and felt that they must not harm this wonderful planet.This is because the Earth itself shines with the radiance of all living things and all “life”.Mother Earth, which has nurtured so many lives, and Father Sky, which has given us dreams and hopes. The sound of waves coming and going, the pleasant breeze on our cheeks, the fresh scent of plants, the chirping of birds, the laughter of children….What is irreplaceable?We don’t have to go to space to realize what is irreplaceable.We named our brand “EARTHRISE” with the hope that life on earth will truly shine as brightly as it does when seen from the moon’s surface.