Everyday is Mother’s Day Project


Ingrid Butterer

This is Mother’s Abacus; a physical manifestations of my experience as a woman, a mother and a representation of women’s struggle as a whole.
As a single working mother of two boys, I have scraped by economically, dealt with misogynistic police, misguided social services, a sexist legal system and endured physical as well as emotional abuse. Each counting bead on Mother’s Abacus is crafted with those experiences in mind through clay. Clay – our universal mother earth is the origin of us all and the substance of the human body. It is the material from which we emerge, transform and return to continuously. Each bead is also born from the deep worry, endless tasks, sleepless sorrow, suffering, pride and joy of what I and many other women know, threaded onto metal into an endless loop of reckoning. Mother’s Abacus makes visible a struggle that is invisible to some but known by many. It echoes visually and metaphorically women’s power, our capacity to endure and persist.
Mother’s Abacus, represented here, is one part of an elongated process beginning with clay and ending with fire. First beads are made of clay, fired, then strung. Once strung they are bathed with ocean water, herbs or blood. When the beads are dry from the bath, they are bundled with natural fibers. Bundles are then burned and reassembled into new work’s called Mother’s Abacus. Each step in the process; creation through clay, bath, bundling and burning is recorded and designed to stand as work in itself.


Approximately 3ft h. x 2ft w. 15lbs.
Clay, Fibers, Ocean Water 2020

2人の少年の単一働く母親として、私は経済的で掻き取ってきた、女性嫌い警察、見当違いの社会サービス、性差別的な法制度や精神的虐待だけでなく、物理的な我慢を扱っ。母のそろばん上の各カウントビーズは粘土を通じて心の中でそれらの経験を細工されています。クレイ – 私たちの普遍的な母なる地球は、私たちのすべての起源と人間の体の物質です。それは私たちが変革し、継続的に戻って、出現する材料です。各ビーズは、また、審判の無限ループに金属にねじ込まれ、Iおよび他の多くの女性が知っていることを深く心配、無限のタスク、眠れぬ悲しみ、苦しみ、誇りと喜びから生まれています。母のそろばんは、いくつかには見えないが、多くの人に知られている目に見えるA闘争を行います。これは、視覚的に比喩的に女性の力、我慢して持続するために我々の能力をエコーし​​ます。

約3フィートH。ワットX 2フィート15lbs。