The Kanagawa Wave Tote


Marco Baga

Marco Baga
The Kanagawa Wave Tote is a part of a sustainable Japan-inspired collection handcrafted in Brooklyn by MARCO BAGA.
Further driven by our hope to raise awareness of ocean pollution and guided by our principles of sustainable and ethical sourcing, we hope to demonstrate how otherwise environmentally unfriendly material such as plastic can serve a greater purpose when up-cycled in fashion. Thus our decision to use recycled plastic and vegetable tanned leather as some of the materials in our collection.
10% of all profit will be donated to Ocean Cleanup.
11″ Height x 11’’ Bottom-19″ Top Width x 5.5″ Depth (approximately).

11 “高さx11 ”下部-19″上部幅x5.5 “深さ(約)