My Mindful Manifestation

Miriam Kagan

My Mindful Manifestation
“Using acrylic and oil paint, I am able to utilize the free flowing methods to convey a sense of immediacy and intuitive flow. Through printmaking, I confront the lengthy process of creating before any results are made, which has a sense of manifestation to it. My favorite method of all, using a pencil and pen, I access my most intuitive balance of creative expression and am able to manifest real change.
Art is an experience started by the artist but finished by the viewer, and I hope to gain access to this interaction through my artwork and share a positive experience with the audience.”
acrylic on canvas

「アクリル絵の具と油絵の具を使って、自由に流れる方法を利用して、即時性と直感的な流れを伝えることができます。版画を通して、結果が出る前に作成するという長いプロセスに直面します。 。鉛筆とペンを使用する私のお気に入りの方法は、創造的な表現の最も直感的なバランスにアクセスし、本当の変化を明らかにすることができます。
18×24 ”