FIsh & Abstracts, 2020


Daniel DiFerdinando


Dots floating before your eyes, your vision swimming deep into the ocean, colors and textures fill the frames of Abstracts by Dan DiFerdinando. The works explore the imaginative sense of space established by the interaction of line and color. Techniques such as pouring, spraying and hand painting introduce a tactile and visceral experience. The elements such as poured geometric squares, or hypnotizing layers of dots, find in the paintings composition a sense of Balance. Fish swim by lazily, making the viewer aware of their presence. The serial forms such as dots and staccato lines play with the boundaries held tightly established in the frame itself. References include specific historical movements include Color Field painting, the Gutai Group, Fluxus and Abstract Expressionism. Each piece is an entity and a world on its own.
14″ x 14″
Oil Paint, Enamel Paint.

14 “x 14”