Oshima Tsumugi Earrings (Diamond Shaped) 大島紬イヤリング(ひし形パール)



A scrap of Oshima tsumugi silk is sealed in resin and decorated with swaying pearl beads. The finish is small and elegant.
They can be used in a wide range of situations, both in the office and in everyday life.

Both earrings and pierced earrings are made of medical grade stainless steel.
The size of the resin motif is approximately 1.5 cm (length) by 1 cm (width), and the overall length is approximately 3.5 cm (length).

大島紬をレジンで封入し、パールビーズを揺れるように装飾しました。 小ぶりで上品な仕上がり。
オフィスでも普段でも、幅広くお使い頂けます。 ピアス・イヤリング共に装着部金具は医療用ステンレスを使用しております。
【レジンモチーフサイズ】:たて 約1.5cm よこ約1cm 【全体】:長さ 約3.5cm 【モチーフ素材】:大島紬・レジン・パールビーズ


  • Made in Japan
  • Quality before Quantity
  • Craftmanship


About Brand

Oshima tsumugi industry, a traditional silk textile in Amami island, has been facing to critical situation such as declining demand and drastic decrease in production due to lack of successors. After three and a half years of the training in Amami island, Kagoshima, the founder realized that she needed to expand the use of Oshima tsumugi beyond “kimono”, change and expand the target customers , and improve the management style. In order to spread the traditional value of Oshima tsumugi and the current situation of the craftsmen to a wide range of people, she started a handmade brand of accessories and small items, “-TSURU-“.
She taught herself sewing skills and focused on accessories using resin, which was becoming popular in the handmade industry at the time, and succeeded in establishing a method to seal the patterns clearly without the liquid seeping through.

“I am proud to be involved in Japanese tradition, and want to enhance and spread its value. Make tradition more accessible. Make tradition more free. I want to bring the “special” made by hands to as many people as possible. With this in mind, we are working together with weaving.” she said. The brand name “-TSURU-” comes from the nickname “TSURU-chan”, which was given after starting weaving as a way of “The Grateful of Crane (Tsuru)” .


日本の伝統に携わることに誇りを持ち、その価値を高め、広めていきたい。 伝統をもっと身近に。伝統をもっと自由に。
人の手で作る「特別」を一人でも多くに届けたい。 その思いで機織りと共に活動をしております。