“Nokori Dye” Cotton & Linen Stole



This scarf is made of 45% cotton and 55% hemp and dyed with “Nokori Dye”. It is soft and very comfortable to the touch, and the warm colors of the “Nokori Dye” create a gentle atmosphere. It comes in four different colors: parsley, cherry, wine, and sesame.



  • Inspired by Nature
  • Upcycled Material

About Brand

“Nokori Dye” is a dyeing method that reuses the waste that are produced after processing food and plants as the raw material. We make and sell fashion accessories and kitchen goods using fabric dyed with this “Nokori Dye” method. It is a brand that conveys a message to realize a sustainable society by spreading the idea of valuing natural resources, in line with the “mottainai”  that have long been rooted in Japanese people.

「のこり染」は文字通り食品や植物を加工した後に出るのこりを原料とした染色方法です。この「のこり染」で染めた布でファッション小物やキッチン雑貨などを作り販売しています。 日本人に古くから根付く「もったいない」製品にも通じ、天然資源を大切にすることを広め、持続可能な社会の実現に向けたメッセージを発信するブランドです。