Moon Calendar 月の満ち欠けカレンダー



Wall calendar shows you phases of the moon. Represented the silhouette of the moon by embossing with using gentle feel paper.
It covers January to December 2022.

Dimensions:11.7”w×13.5” l  Material:Embossed paper  Contains:12sheets


サイズ:11.7インチ×13.5インチ 素材:エンボス紙


  • Made in Japan
  • Quality before Quantity


About Brand

“Replug” is a brand launched by creators of TDS Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, that offers advertisement planning and design creation services. We come up with unique stationery products that reflect creativity. Our products range from business card files, sticky notes to wall calendars. Creators are proud of their simple yet warm designs which will bring comfort into a user’s life. All our products are made in Japan.