Flour Bag Upcycled Tote



[Re:sac] is a tote bag made from recycled used flour bags. It can be stored in a small size, so you can go shopping empty-handed and use it as a tote bag to carry a lot of stuff after shopping. It can also be used as a shoulder bag, so you can use it in different ways depending on the situation. There are many designs to choose from, so you are sure to find a pattern you like. It can be used by both men and women. Although it is a paper bag, it will become more attractive with use.

The bags were sold as upcycled bags in Taiwan in the summer of 2019 and will be sold in famous stores in France in the fall 2021.
Part of the proceeds will be donated to the UN WFP to support their feeding program.
Please understand that these bags are recycled bags so may have stains, notes, and scratches.
If you are allergic to wheat, please refrain from buying these bags as they were used to contain flour bags.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Size : [When stored] 17cm (length) x 14cm (width)
[When in use] 35cm (width) x 30.5cm (height) x 14cm (gusset) (not including handles)
Flour bag: Registered No. 6263855, provided by a bakery in Aichi Prefecture

[Re:sac] (リサック)は、使用済みの小麦粉袋をリサイクル活用したトートバッグ。小さく収納することができるので、行きは手ぶらで買い物に出かけ、荷物が沢山入るトートバッグに。ショルダーバッグにもなれるため、状況に合わせた使い分けが可能。デザインが豊富なので好きな柄がきっと見つかります。男女問わず使えます。紙袋ですが使い込めば味がでてきます。


Size 【収納時】縦約17×横約14cm 【使用時】幅約35cm×高さ約30.5cm×マチ14cm(持ち手含まない)
小麦粉袋:愛知県内パン屋さん提供 登録第6263855号


  • Upcycled Material
  • Handcraft
  • Make a Difference

About Brand

[Re:sac] An eco-friendly bag brand that reuses used flour bags from bakeries. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the United Nations WFP (World Food Programme, an international organization whose mission is to eradicate hunger and poverty).

[Re:sac]パン屋さんの使用済み小麦粉袋を再利用したエコバッグブランド。 売上の一部を国連WFP(World Food Programme、 国際連合世界食糧計画、飢餓貧困の撲滅を使命として活動する国際機関)へ寄付します。