buoy Upcycled Plant Pot buoyアップサイクルプラントポット



Made by plastic waste picked up from the ocean and beaches.

<Plant Pot> Diameter 8cm, Height 9cm, Weight 67g
Color (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White)




  • Made in Japan
  • Upcycled
  • Make a Difference


About Brand

A lot of marine plastic is drifting ashore on beaches in Japan. The current situation to solve the problem is that we rely on volunteer groups to collect them. Technolab is a company that mainly manufactures plastics for industrial applications such as IoT devices, but we thought there might be something we could do to address the problem of ocean plastic, so we started an activity to upcycle discarded plastics.

Buoy = Indicator
The products are 100% made of discarded ocean plastic except for the coating sheet on the surface. You can feel that the weight of the products is the weight of the ocean garbage that has been thrown away.

Buoy= Supporting
We buy ocean plastic from volunteer groups. We have created a system to circulate our activities by clearly stating the place where the material was collected on the products and having it sold in the local area where it was picked up.

Buoy-o= Buy
We hope that you will understand the story of buoy’s products and that it will help you think about your own “buying” behavior. “Do I buy what I really need?” “Will I use it carefully and not immediately throw away?” We would like you to think about these questions. This is a brand that aims to eventually eliminate ocean plastic and stop the production of buoy.

日本の海岸では多くの海洋プラスチックが漂着しています。それを回収しているのは、ボランティア団体さんに頼っているのが現状です。 テクノラボは主にIoT機器などの産業用途の プラスチックを製造している会社ですが、 海洋プラスチック問題に何かできることがあるのではないかと考えて、捨てられたプラスチックをアップサイクルする活動を始めました。

buoyは表のコーティングシート以外は100%捨てられた海洋プラスチックです。 buoyの重さはそのまま捨てられた海洋ごみだと実感できるはずです。


buoyの製品ストーリーを理解していただいて、 一人ひとりの「買う」という行動を考えるきっかけにしてほしい。 本当に必要なものを買っているのか?すぐに すてないで大事に使うものか? いずれ海洋プラスチックがなくなり、buoyが作られなくなることを目指しているブランドです。