Lounge Hakama

Vivat Novum
$250.00+ tax

A unisex pant inspired by the fullness and pleating of Japanese Hakama.
This pant features cowl-like pleats over the hips, modesty panel pockets, and a tie front belt.
Wear at the natural waist for a tapered look down the leg, or wear lower for a baggier effect.


  • Made in New York
  • Made in Less Quantity
  • Used Vintage or Deadstock Fabrics
  • Used Plant Based Fabrics


About Brand

Vivat Novum is a New York-based contemporary brand specializing in unisex, sustainable loungewear.
Vivat Novum (Vee-Vaht Noh-Vum) is a play on the latin acclamation ‘Vivat Rex’. The literal translation of Vivat Novum, ‘Long Live the Unusual’, is a new acclamation for today’s world. Vivat Novum designs versatile statement pieces that are weird, but accessible and elevated, but comfortable. Curiously, ‘Novum’ is also a Latin noun meaning ‘Revolution’. The slow fashion revolution, with its emphasis on ‘less, but better’ is at the core of our values as a brand.
Vivat Novum addresses the niche of styles that tow the line between feminine and masculine while being more adventurous than standard basics. Our designs often begin with an idea of fit and function. The need to engineer an adaptable fit becomes a core element of the design itself.