Essential Oil Based Soap

Lillie Mae Handmade Aromatherapy Products
$10.00+ tax

All of Lillie Mae’s soaps are essential oil-based and designed with a purpose.
The craftsmanship of our soaps includes all-natural raw ingredients, which provide ultimate moisturizing and aromatherapy benefits.


  • Made in New York
  • All Natural Raw Ingredients
  • Handmade Product


About Brand

Lillie Mae Handmade Aromatherapy Products offers several essential oil-based and fragranced based products. Our line includes a myriad of body butter, creams, bath bombs, lip balms, and so much more! 100% of Lillie Mae’s products are handmade with focal points of integrity, quality, and wellness. Add Lillie Mae to your self-care routine and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.