Japanese traditional sache / yurasu kaori




Product name: Japanese traditional sache


The 匂い袋(scented bag) of Yurasu Kaori is a fragrance created only from the precious fragrant wood sandalwood and about a dozen kinds of incense materials such as Clove, D-borneol, Cassia, and Star anise and so on. The Sache sold by Yurasu kaori has about 40 different scents. We also create made-to order fragrances. Only for you!
How to use a Sache: Put it by your bedside to help you get a good night’s sleep, in your front door, in your closet, in your bag, in your coat pocket, or on your head during meditation. The large bag is painted and made in Tokyo Yuzen Dyeing (Hand-Painted Kimono). The small bag is gold brocade which is also used for Edo Kimekomi Ningyo (Wood and Cloth Dolls).
Fragrance name: 藤燈(Wisteria under the moonlight)
Ingredients: Sandalwood from India, D-borneol, Clove, Star anise, Hedychium spicatum root, Spikenard, Patchouli, Agastaches, superfine benzoin, Valeriana fauriei briquet

匂い袋の使用方法:枕元に置き安眠を誘う、玄関に置く、クローゼットに入れる、バッグに入れる、コートのポケットに入れる、瞑想や坐禅を行う時に頭の上に置くなどです。 大きな袋は一点ずつ描いている東京手描友禅の袋を使用しています。小さな袋は木目込み人形の衣装にも使う金襴です。






Brand name : yurasu-kaori


Yurasu-kaori, Daily life with fragrance.
“Yurasu-kaori” is a brand of fragrance by Mamiko Imai, a Sokoka (artist who creates Japanese fragrances) who works in art to express what she feels with her five senses. We do not use any synthetic fragrances, and we insist on using only incense ingredients that have been used for more than 1400 years.
It’s not the air, it’s your scent that envelops it.
Yurasu-kaori delivers a unique fragrance of Japanese haute couture made only from fragrant wood and incense ingredients that have been used since ancient times. For more than 1000 years, people have been creating and dressing their own fragrances and enjoying their own direction and style. Why don’t you enjoy various scenes with a scent for yourself that is unique?


“ゆらすかおり”は、五感で感じたことを和の香りで表現するアート活動をする創香家(和の香りを作る芸術家) Mamiko Imaiの香りブランドです。合成香料は一切使わず、1400年以上前から使われている香原料のみで創ることにこだわっています。








Brand owner :  IMAI Mamiko


Born in Tokyo. She started this career in Apr 2008. She believes that creating scents is an art that allows us to feel and express images with all five senses. She has been creating scents of Yurasu-kaori both domestically and internationally, exhibiting at department stores, giving lectures, and creating and directing scents at Niconico Chokaigi, Kougen, and many other music concerts, Installation art, and events. She is also a pioneer in directing of scents at concerts and events etc, and the only artist with Japanese incense in the world. She is expanding new possibilities that are not bound by the traditional and everyday Japanese scents.


最近の制作作品には『暁のヨナ』(草凪みずほ/白泉社)の花とゆめ本誌プレゼントやソーシャルゲーム『Alice CLoset』『なむあみだ仏っ!』の公式グッズ制作など、漫画やゲームのキャラクターを和の香りで表現。