“Hinoki Ball Calendar” “Hinoki Japanese pattern coaster” / Smileapart

Product name: “Hinoki Ball Calendar” “Hinoki Japanese pattern coaster”


1. “Hinoki Ball Calendar”

It is a regular pentagonal dodecahedal calendar with the scent of hinoki (Japanese cypress).
With its own shape, we designed illustrations of seasonal flowers for each calendar month.
It is an item that you can feel healing just by looking at it.
This “Hinoki” is known as a high-grade material and has a beautiful color tone, luster, and a unique fragrance.
Because it has a lot of oil, it is resistant to water, resistant to rot, and resistant to insects.
In addition, the scent of hinoki is said to have a relaxing and deodorizing effect, so please enjoy it around the desk as the interior of your room.

※Because it is a natural material, there may be some warping and differences in wood grain.
※Please refrain from using it in direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity.
● Size: about 145mm x about 145mm x about 145mm


2. “Hinoki Japanese pattern coaster”

It is a Japanese pattern coaster with the scent of Hinoki.
In Japan, there is a traditional Japanese pattern that has been loved for a long time.
It is drawn on various things such as kimono and tableware. We made such a Japanese pattern into a coaster.
Among them, we designed a combination of two patterns that are considered to be “auspicious” and manufactured by laser processing.
It is a luxurious coaster that combines traditional Japanese patterns and unique modern design.
You can decorate it on the pedestal and enjoy it as an interior.

※Since it is a natural wood product, please do not use dishwashers or bleach.
※Because it is a delicate product, it may break if you drop it or apply strong force. Please be careful.
● Size: 90mm x 90mm x 5mm


1. ヒノキボール・カレンダー

● サイズ:約145mm×約145mm×約145mm



2. ヒノキ和柄コースター

● サイズ:90mm×90mm×5mm


Brand name : Smileapart


The company name [Smileap Art] is SMILEAPART = smile x leap x art,

I put it with the thought that it would be nice if everyone could smile with a heart-pounding work of art.

This time, we exhibit 2 items, a Hinoki Japanese pattern coaster laser processed with auspicious Japanese ancient patterns and a monthly Hinoki Ball Calendar with a year’s flower pattern. It will help you heal the place by placing a faintly scented cypress in your room or desk as an interior.

We also accept company name and one-of-a-kind tailor-made orders in the world.

Example 1. Put the company logo instead of the flowers on the ready-made calendar.

Example 2. Print children’s photos and hobby calligraphy works on 12 cypresses and decorate them as an interior in the living room.

Example 3. It is planned and given as a gift for celebrations such as farewell parties, birthday parties, wedding gifts, and anniversaries.

◆ “Hamamatsu Tenryu Hinoki”, which is the material of the product, is recognized as a well-maintained “proporately managed forest” and has obtained environmentally friendly international certification. By using “Hamamatsu Tenryu Hinoki”, this product is safe, secure and protects the natural environment. In addition, we are working on sustainable activities such as “utilizing thinning wood” and “elining excess inventory by made-to-order production”.


社名の[スマイリープアート]は、SMILEAPART= smile 笑顔x leap 飛躍 x art 芸術、心ときめく芸術作品で皆が飛び切りの笑顔になれたらいいなという想いを込めてつけました。



例1.  既製品のカレンダーのお花の代わりに会社のロゴマークを入れる。

例2.  お子様のお写真や趣味の書道作品を12枚の檜に印刷してリビングルームにインテリアとして飾る。

例3.  送別会、誕生日会、結婚祝い、周年記念などのお祝い事にあわせて企画しプレゼントとして贈る。

◆ 商品の素材となる「浜松天竜ひのき」は、手入れの行き届いた「適切に管理された森林」と認められ、環境に配慮した国際認証を取得しています。この商品は「浜松天竜ひのき」を活用する事で、安心・安全でかつ自然環境を守る事にもつながっています。また、「間伐材の活用」や「受注生産により過剰在庫をなくす」等、サステナブルな活動に取り組んでいます。







Brand owner :  Yoshiko Ishizuka


Yoshiko Ishizuka started to be interested in Japanese culture and Japanese traditional crafts, and last year she traveled to some places in Japan (Hokkaido, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Kyoto, Nara) and was impressed and proud of the wonderfulness of Japan again. The company name is [Smileapart]. Smileapart means smile x leap x art. She put this name with the thought that it would be nice if everyone could have a big smile with a heart-pounding work of art.





将来は食x 芸術(音楽 )x 人で皆んなが笑顔になるオペラのような総合芸術が創れたら幸せです。