Product name: multi action KIWAMI fermented lotion/moisture mist


“Korai meaning ‘Ancient Blessings’, includes the natural blessings of rice, water,
nameko mushrooms; wisdom such as fermentation and sake; and traditional values
such as minimising waste. To promote a natural and ethical lifestyle,
we have meticulously crafted products that nourish and moisturise your skin, hair,
and body in a single drop.

Fermented ingredients help address skin problems in a multifaceted manner
Japanese sake includes fermented products and nutrients such as amino acids, sugar,
organic acids, minerals, and vitamins; thioredoxin, which is a vital anti-inflammatory
and anti-oxidizing substance; ethyl-α-D-glucoside (α-EG), which increases density of dermal collagen;
and natural D-amino acids, which are expected to have an anti-aging effect.
In addition, specific functional peptides in Japanese sake have anti-inflammatory
and anti-oxidizing effects. Handed down in Japan for over 2,000 years,
this fermentation technique is evolving for a cosmetic raw material
that addresses skin problems in a multifaceted manner by merging with modern scientific technology.

Rice fermented liquid
*why rice fermentation liquid:
We choose rice fermentation extract for its wealth of beneficial components.
These include amino acids and kojic acid. Amino acids are essential for skin and hair health
and are effective for anti-aging care. Kojic acid, which was discovered and developed in Japan,
is known for its effectiveness in reducing uneven pigmentation, such as dark spots and freckles,
helping to achieve bright and beautiful skin.

Our formulation consists of 100% plant-derived ingredients with no added water,
combining the essence of pure rice fermentation with the beneficial properties of nameko mushrooms.
This undiluted formulation captures the raw essence of the ingredients,
preserving the benefits for your skin.

• Deeply replenishes and maintains the skin’s moisture and oil balance
• Provides a protective barrier for the skin
• Delivers instant and long-lasting hydration
• Targets signs of ageing and promotes youthful-looking skin
• Enhances skin firmness and elasticity
• Appropriate for the skincare needs of all ages and skin types.

How to apply
After cleansing your face or showering, delicately massage a small amount of Korai Moisturising Toner
into your skin or hair. This versatile formula is perfect for reviving skin, hair styling,
and hair care. Its delicate blend allows you to use it as frequently as desired.



無加水100%植物由来原液をボトルへ 真摯に作った無添加*極発酵*化粧液&ミスト発酵成分が肌悩みに多角的にアプローチ


コメ発酵液SHONAI BIJINは、美肌に関係する天然発酵成分を含有しています。





Brand name : KORAI


The essence of Korai
In Japan, Korai means ‘Ancient Blessings’. These include the natural blessings of rice,
water and nameko mushrooms; wisdom such as fermentation and sake; and traditional values
such as minimising waste. To promote a natural and ethical lifestyle, we have meticulously crafted products
that nourish and moisturise your skin, hair and body with each single drop.

Thanks to our experience gained in the cosmetic industry, and by working with small-scale artisans,
we can focus on selecting high quality ingredients. The resulting products offer time-saving,
versatile care for the face, body and hair.

KORAI’s three commitments
As a start up supported by crowdfunding, our focus is on investing in the best ingredients
and reducing the packaging we use.

1. We will maintain small-scale production to harness the true power of nature.
With plant-derived ingredients at the heart of our product, we will refrain from large-scale production.
By creating our product in limited quantities, each item is a true masterpiece.

2. We are transparent about our materials and production processes.
We meticulously select craftsmen with the finest skills,
ensuring the highest quality is maintained in every product.

3. We use only necessary resources of the best quality. We have chosen to incorporate nameko mushrooms
into our product because we believe in utilising the full potential of nature’s offerings.
Misshapen nameko mushrooms are often discarded in the food industry, but we see their value
and refuse to let them go to waste. This aligns with the traditional value of minimising waste.
By harnessing their unique nutritional benefits, we not only create a wholesome product
but also contribute to reducing food waste.

We hope you will experience the exceptional benefits that come from our commitment to mindful,
plant-derived skincare.



日本古来からの『知恵』と『恵み』で 肌本来の力を呼び覚まし、つややかでクリアな肌

天然・植物由来 厳選原料をふんだんに使ったスキンケア




『厳選された原料の配合量・ 余分なものはそぎ落とす』


※1極発酵 杜氏が厳選した極力磨きを少なくしたお米を生酛製造・2段階で発酵する方法、通常の倍の1000時間以上時間をかけた発酵

※2 発酵に使う人工的な乳酸

※3 製品製造で一貫して水を加えないこと