Puririn fundamental gel / Wonder Fulbeauty


Product name: Puririn fundamental gel


Puririn fundamental gel is an all-in-one gel serum developed by the developer after years of suffering.

Thoroughly moisturized just by applying it. Easy care.

Five kinds of ceramides including Cerebroside, which is a natural Ceramide,Bakuchiol, and Fullerene moisturize your skin.

Relaxed by the scent of natural Damask rose oil, this is an enchanting skin care product.

=Additive-free= Alcohol, Mineral oil, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colorant, petroleum surfactants


<What makes us sustainable?>

Since it is an all-in-one gel, it can be used by all ages, genders, and skin types to complete skin care in a single bottle, eliminating the need to have a variety of packaged products.
The shrink-wrap has been eliminated and the product is packaged in a paper box.
The product can be used by all ages, genders, and skin types, eliminating the need for a variety of packaged products.
The beautiful bottles are durable and refills are available for repeated use.


Puririn fundamental gelは開発者が長年苦しんだ末に、開発したオールインワンゲル美容液です。












Brand name : Wonder Fulbeauty


Our President, Rino had an unfavorable experience of sudden skin allergy for 10 years.
She tried various cosmetics and went to hospital many times, but it didn’t get recovered well.
The disease conditions such as frown line, crease and fleck cause me to be very stressful.

She was even hostile to taking look in a mirror at that time. When she became 50 years old,
she decided to develop her own skincare products. Her own skincare items are finally completed
and made her skin improved. Others witnessed the recovery of my skin and wanted to get it,
which causes the starting point of my business on Wonder Fulbeauty’s skin care products.

“To Make Everyone Beautiful and relieved.”It has been over 10 years since we started to sell skincare products.
Today we support that all the customers can smile by resuming the beauty of their skin.
We will help those who suffered from skin problems spend their time on more comfortable daily lives
with precious moments. We will achieve the goal: “more beautiful they are, more healthy they are.”



それをみていた周囲の人から熱望され、販売するに至ったのがPuririn fundamental gelとToliina essential serum showerです。

お肌に本来の美しさを取り戻すお手伝いをして、皆様の笑顔を見たい一心で、 活動しております。