Product name: Perfume Card


Perfume card is a “fragrant card” that fragrance sealed in exclusively developed resin form.
As it is not a liquid form, you can enjoy your favorite scent inside your card case, using it as a bookmark, the way to enjoy perfume card is unlimited. The package and card are made of eco-friendly papers. Enjoy the rich fragrances in a variety of ways, it will illuminate your daily lives.


<What makes us sustainable?>

・The package and card are made of the papers from the forest under FSC® certification.
・After use, the card can be disposed as paper waste.
・To avoid overproduction which will cause a waste of products and ingredients, we manage the production by running in a small quantity.


特殊な樹脂で閉じ込めた「香るカード」です。液体ではないカードタイプですので、 名刺ケースや、本のしおりなどへ入れたりと、使い方いろいろ。お気に入りの香りを身近なアイテムへ忍ばせお手元に。パッケージ及びカード本体のベース紙は、環境へ配慮した紙を使用しております。お気に入りの香りを色んなカタチで、いつもの暮らしに香りを添えてお楽しみください。










We, ART LAB. established in Kyoto for over 30years, based on our philosophy “Fragrance is Visible”, produce the invisible “fragrance” and memorable scene visually through the development and manufacture of scented products. In recent years, we also focus on sustainability. Under the concept “Your favorite fragrance, as much of it as you like.”, we offer the fragrances in a reasonable way by using a unique sale system to sell the fragrances by weights at our shops.
We aim to contribute the society a healing and comforting live.
ARTLAB. COLLECTION, released in 2019 is a fragrance series with the wish of be free to enjoy the long-lasting fragrances according to your space. After launched for 4 years, it has stood the test of time and become our popular series. This series offer 8 kinds of typical scents including aqua, green, and floral notes, people could find their favorite one easily. It is designed as simple as possible so that it fits into any living scene and can be used by anyone.


ART LAB. COLLECTIONは自分の空間に合わせた使い方ができる、長く使えるフレグランスをテーマに2019年に発売を開始。
ART LAB. COLLECTIONでは、お気に入りの香りを見つけられるようにと、アクア系やグリーン系、フローラル系など代表的で親しみやすい全8種類のラインナップをご用意。