Kamishio Candy / NAKAMACHI


Product name: Kamishio Candy


Kamishio Candy Special hard candy made with salt from Kamishima We made a special candy using the salt of Kamishima, which is the stage of novelist Yukio Mishima’s work “Shiosai”. Akasaki Shrine is located at the southern end of Toba Nakamachi. Nakamachi-kai has been promoting various initiatives to revitalize the town as the approach to Akasaki Shrine. Following the historical fact that the torii gate of Akasaki Shrine used to be accessible by boat directly from the sea, it was connected to the salt of Kamishima (the island where the gods rule) off the coast of the sea. Shinshio Candy” will be released. We hope that our products will be loved for a long time, such as souvenirs for those who visit Toba and gifts for those who think of Toba. Please enjoy it once.


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Very low microplastics

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神塩キャンディ 神島の塩を使った特別な飴玉 小説家 三島由紀夫氏の作品「潮騒」の舞台でもある神島の塩を使った特別なキャンディを作りました。 鳥羽なかまちの南端に赤崎神社。なかまち会では、赤崎神社の参道として町を活性化させようと様々な取り組みを進めてきました。 赤崎神社の鳥居が昔は海から直接船で参拝できるようになっていたという故事にならい、その海の沖に有る神島(神を支配する島)の塩とつながりまして、度重なるご縁から「神塩キャンディ」を発売させていただくことになりました。 鳥羽にお越しいただいた方へのお手土産、鳥羽を想う方への贈り物など、末永く愛される商品としてご愛顧いただければ幸いです。どうぞ、まずは一度ご賞味ください。










Brand name : NAKAMACHI


Toba Nakamachi was once called “Toba’s Kitchen”, a town of merchants. In recent years, it has been deserted due to the population outflow to large shopping centers and cities. We are working on regional revitalization to revitalize such a town centered on local women.