Health Face down pedestal RAKUMA / Face down pedestal RAKUMA


Product name: Health Face down pedestal RAKUMA


This is a sleep support device that reduces breathlessness when sleeping face down.


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1 Supports breathing when sleeping face down
2 Easy set by simply placing a face down pillow on top.
3 You can sleep face down anytime, anywhere.





1 伏せ寝時の呼吸をサポート
2 伏せ寝枕を上に置くだけの簡単セット
3 いつでもどこでも伏せ寝ができる





Brand name : Face down pedestal RAKUMA


「Health Face down pedestal RAKUMA」is a sleep support device that reduces breathlessness when sleeping face down. Sleeping face down is said to prevent cold abdomen and is effective in improving snoring, apnea syndrome, and back pain, but there was a problem that using a face down pillow made it difficult to breathe.
Just by using a commercially available face-down sleeping pillow or a towel at home rolled up in a donut shape, it will provide you with a comfortable breathing condition by simply using it on the “Health / Face Down Sleeper Rakuma”. Since it is designed to be used by people who need oxygen inhalation, it is also expected to be used in the medical field.
Cleanliness can be maintained by replacing the prone sleeping pillows and towels placed on top, and the main body itself, which is the pedestal, can be sterilized with hot water, so it can be used repeatedly while it is clean. In addition, because it is thin and light, it is easy to carry, and it is suitable for a wide range of situations, such as everyday use at home, napping in the office, and during treatment at a massage shop. It is an idea that was unlikely until now, and it is a product that supports the efficacy of sleeping face down.


「健康・伏せ寝台 らくま」は、伏せ寝する時の息苦しさを軽減する睡眠サポート器具です。伏せ寝は腹部の冷えを防止し、いびきや無呼吸症候群,腰痛改善にも効果があるとされていますが、伏せ寝枕を使用することでで息苦しくなってしまうという問題がありました。
市販の伏せ寝枕やドーナツ状に丸めた自宅のタオルを「健康・伏せ寝台 らくま」に載せて使用るだけで、快適な呼吸を保った伏せ寝状態を提供してくれます。酸素吸入が必要な人でも使用できる設計のため、医療の現場での活用も想定しています。