Collaboration tote bag / SUSTAINABLE.Labo


Product name: Collaboration tote bag


This is a tote bag that combines high-performance tent fabric (main body) with seatbelt material (handles). This collaboration product is a joint effort with the upcycling brand ‘Think Scrap,’ known for repurposing automotive seatbelts. It was conceived by utilizing waste materials generated in both of our factories. Utilizing the qualities of a rain and wind-resistant tent fabric along with flexible and durable belt material, this bag is designed to be usable in various situations.


<What makes us sustainable?>

・Constructed using factory waste materials
・Made from durable materials that ensure long-lasting use
・Actively engaging in corporate collaborations to reduce a wide range of factory waste materials


高機能テント生地(本体) x シートベルト(持ち手)の高機能素材を掛け合わせたトートです。 自動車シートベルトのアップサイクルブランド『Think Scrap』 とのコラボ商品で、 お互いの工場で出た廃材を持ち寄り、企画しました。雨風に強いテント生地としなやかで強いベルト生地の特性を活かし、あらゆる場面でご使用いただけるバッグになっております。








Brand name : SUSTAINABLE.Labo


SUSTAINABLE.Labo creates upcycled bags using tent fabric.
While tents come in various types, our particular expertise lies in “membrane materials,” which refer to high-performance tents. These membrane materials are used for a range of applications, from cafe awnings to dome-like structures and sunshade meshes. They are tailored for specific purposes and possess a variety of capabilities, making them highly functional materials. As a result, even a slight deviation from strict standards leads to these materials being deemed unusable and discarded.
Our mission is to bestow new value upon these highly functional materials that have gone unnoticed due to their inability to meet industrial criteria. With this vision in mind, we are dedicated to the development of SUSTAINABLE bags.