Aroma Diffuser Himeshara / Odai cokage


Product name: Aroma Diffuser Himeshara


An aroma diffuser made from natural Himeshara wood from Odai Town, Mie Prefecture.

The stand and lid are carefully crafted one by one by woodworkers in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, and are made from natural Himeshara wood from Odai Town, allowing you to feel the natural texture and texture of the wood. Since it is a natural material, each individual piece has a different shape and size, which gives it value.

Open the lid, drop the included essential oil (Hinoki cypress from Odai Town) on the branches of the Himeshara tree inside the glass, and enjoy the scent of the forest.
After enjoying the scent, you can suppress the scent by covering it with the Himeshara lid, and you can enjoy the scent at any time by opening the lid.


<What makes us sustainable?>

・Our brand proposes the utilization of forest resources and a new forestry model through products that can be incorporated into daily life. Planting cedars and cypresses to use as building materials is not the only way to create forests. If we properly investigate the soil and trees and take care of them, the self-sustainability of the mountains will be restored and the environment will become even better. In order to create a better environment and use it as a resource, people will be involved again. This is also a new form of forestry. The Miyagawa Forest Cooperative, which is based in Odai-cho, plays a central role in working to create a form that is as close to nature as possible.

・What we need to make our products are branches and leaves. Even if you don’t cut down the raw wood, you can build a system that allows you to collect only the necessary amount and use it as raw materials when the seasons change and the branches and leaves grow. I try to leave the trunk where the branches and leaves to be selected are sprouting. In addition, by collecting branches and leaves at a height that will not be damaged by deer, trees can grow safely and contribute to forest creation.

・For five years, we have been working with a certain university to scientifically analyze the current and future values of planted forest resources, and have been using resources under the guidelines of optimizing resource value.



神都 三重県伊勢市の木工職人の手によって1つずつ丁寧に加工したスタンドとフタは、大台町産ヒメシャラの天然木を使用しており木本来の質感、風合いを感じられます。天然素材なので各個体によって形や大きさが異なり、そこに価値があります。











Brand name : Odai cokage


Based in Odai Town, Mie Prefecture, we propose the diversification and possibilities of forest resources through products that can be incorporated into our daily lives.

[Our thoughts]

~We want many people to take an interest in nature through fragrance~ We thought that “fragrance” would be a good way to enjoy the diverse blessings of the forest, which is a feature of Odai Town. Aroma can be used in household goods, cosmetics, and food fields using essential oils as raw materials. Through our products, we want people to know the development potential of forest resources, and by making them feel more familiar with nature, we hope that they will develop an interest in forests and nature.

[Our Obsession]

~ Commitment to Odai Town and essential oils ~ In the forests of Odai Town, a wide variety of trees suitable for fragrant trees such as kuromoji, hinoki, tamushiba, and kanakuginoki grow naturally. The branches of trees, which are the raw material for “Odai”, are all manually collected by the staff of the Miyagawa Forest Association, which has an exclusive contract. The amount of foliage collected is adjusted based on not only the season but also the growth cycle of the tree and the amount of resources in the entire mountain. When cutting, carefully pick each branch and leaf with a saw or pruning shears. This is because machines such as chainsaws will get oil on them and affect the scent and quality. The water used for distillation comes from a tributary of the Miya River, known as the clear stream. The oil extracted in this way is 100% natural, safe domestically produced essential oil, and you should be able to feel the power of the trees that have survived the majestic and sometimes harsh growing environment.

[Our proposal]

~ A new form of forest development proposed by “Odai” ~ Using “Odai” products is the same as participating in forest development. The forest grows by procuring raw materials considering the growth cycle of trees. Increasing the number of people who are interested in forestry through our products will lead to forest creation. With that in mind, we have a product lineup that includes reed diffusers, refreshing sprays, and creams that are easy to use in your daily life. We are planning to develop various products in the future.



【Our thoughts】

~香りを通じて、たくさんの人が自然に関心を持って欲しい~ 大台町の特徴である多様な森の恵みを楽しんでいただく方法として「香り」が良いと考えました。 アロマは精油を原料として生活雑貨や化粧品、あるいは食の分野にも使っていただくことができます。 わたしたちのプロダクトを通して森林資源の発展性を知っていただき、自然をより身近に感じていただくことで森や自然に興味・関心を持っていただけたらと思い、プロダクトを展開しています。

【Our obsession】

~大台町と精油へのこだわり~ 大台町の森にはクロモジ、ヒノキをはじめタムシバ、カナクギノキなど香木に適した多種多様な樹木が自生しており、町一帯がユネスコエコパークに認定され、豊かな自然を有する世界でも珍しい地域です。 “Odai”の原料となる樹木の枝は、専属契約を結ぶ宮川森林組合のスタッフがすべて手作業で採取します。 枝葉の採取は、季節だけでなくその樹木の成長サイクルや、山全体の資源量を考慮しながら採取量を調整しています。 裁断する際はのこぎりや剪定ばさみなどで一枝、一葉ずつ丁寧に採っていきます。 チェーンソーなどの機械ではオイルが付いてしまったりして香りや品質に影響してしまうからです。 蒸留時に使用する水は、清流として知られる宮川の支流から引いたものです。 こうして抽出されたオイルは天然成分100%、国産で安心の精油となり、雄大で時には過酷な生育環境の中を生き抜いてきた樹木の力を感じていただけるはずです。

【Our proposal】

~“Odai”が提案する新たな森づくりのかたち~ “Odai”のプロダクトを使っていただくことは森づくりに参加いただいていることと同じです。 樹木の成長サイクルを考慮した原料調達により、森が成長する。 プロダクトを通して林業に興味をもつ人が増えることで森づくりに繋がる。 そんな想いも込めて、商品ラインナップは暮らしの中で使っていただきやすいリードディフューザーやリフレッシュスプレー、クリームなどを揃えています。 今後もさまざまなプロダクトを開発していく予定です。