Washable knitted lace dress / KNIToDay




Product name:  Washable knitted lace dress


Sustainable design that enables dozens of stylings from one dress.

can be washed at home.

can be folded into a small size.

can be changed into different styles







Brand name :  KNIToDay


“Waste is eliminated by effective designing.” This is what KNIToDay’s designer Chiyuki Asano cherishes. It is also the common philosophy through all the brands developed by Asano Chiyuki. The sustainability of the company has been expressed through “the designs that eliminate waste” for a long time while haute couture (made-to-order) is performed , but in response to the customer requests, the ready-to-wear brand “KNIToDay” has been developed. Sustainable design that enables dozens of stylings from one dress. Since it is a knit material with excellent elasticity and has a wide range of sizes, it can be made into an item that any woman can like, including pregnant women. Sustainably, this item is multi-purpose and could reduce production seasonality inventory waste. “Comfort and Elegance” This is also one of the KNIToDay concepts.


「デザインで無駄をなくしていく。」 これはKNIToDayのデザイナーあさの千幸が大切にしていることです。 そして、あさの千幸が展開する全てのブランドに共通して流れている理念でもあります。 長くオートクチュール(オーダーメイド)を行う中でも「無駄を削ぎ落としていくデザイン」としてサスティナビリティを表現してきましたが、お客様からの要望に応えるかたちでプレタポルテ(既製服)ブランド『KNIToDay(ニットトゥディ)』が立ち上がりました。 一つのワンピースから数十通りのスタイリングを可能にしたサスティナブルデザイン。 伸縮性に優れたニット素材でサイズの許容範囲が広いため、不特定多数の女性が好みに合わせたアイテムにすることが出来ます。妊婦さんも着用可能。バイヤーは多数アイテムを仕入れるリスクが軽減され、消費者も一つのアイテムで多種多様に楽しめる為無駄がありません。 ニットでゆるくエレガントに 「ゆるくてエレガント」 これはKNIToDayのコンセプトのひとつでもあります。









Brand owner :  Chiyuki Asano

Born and grew up in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture. When she was in high school, she hated their uniforms. However, she decided to become a fashion designer when her art teacher told her to “design herself.” At the age of 20, she traveled to France alone and she studied haute couture at the renowned ESMOD in Paris. She returned to Japan at the age of 26 after working at the Fashion Maison in Paris. After she returned to Japan, she worked as a ready-to-wear fashion designer at a Japanese company before establishing her own company in 2007. She started her own haute couture brand “Asano Chiyuki” in 2009.