Silvernia Platform / Silvernia for happy age




Product name:  Silvernia Platform


We are preparing to build the Silvernia Project as an industry-academia community at Keio University, with support from Mitsubishi Estate and Kose, to first create an offline experience facility at the Yokohama Landmark Tower.








Brand name :  Silvernia for happy age


Our vision is to “create a society where people are not afraid of growing old”. To achieve this vision, we will create “Silvernia”, a theme park for seniors to propose a lifestyle that offers hope for aging, illness, disability, and nursing care. Silvernia is a comprehensive platform that includes offline facilities for events, workshops, and care product experiences, as well as online e-commerce sites and media.

Many people are afraid of getting old and think that once they become a caregiver, it is the end of the world, they will not be able to do anything and will have to give up the things they want to do. But in fact, there are many services and products that support aging and caregiving, such as delicious French caregiving meals and fashionable caregiving clothes. My father was diagnosed with juvenile dementia and Parkinson’s disease at the young age of 44, when I was 17. We were in despair at first, but with various supports, I was able to care for my father at home for 11 years until recently. We also went to Hawaii last September with our family of three. Thanks to ANA’s service that allows us to use our seats like beds even in economy class, we were able to fly safely without using business class, Thanks to the amphibious wheelchair, even my father, who needs nursing care 4, was able to enter the ocean in Hawaii. Therefore, even if you grow old or become a caregiver, you do not have to give up the things you want to do.

Thus, knowing creates hope. That is why I am creating Silvernia, a theme park for seniors, where they can have hope for aging, illness, disability, and caregiving. The care product industry is worth 20 trillion yen in Japan and 300 trillion yen worldwide. Through Silvernia, we will revitalize the domestic market, and in the future, we will export our products to overseas markets, aiming for a huge market. We would like to exhibit this platform.


弊社のビジョンは「老いるのが怖くない社会を作る」こと、そのために老いや病気・障がい・介護への希望を持てるライフスタイルの提案を行うためのシニアのためのテーマパーク「シルバーニア」を作ります。 シルバーニアはイベント・ワークショップやケアプロダクトの体験ができるオフラインの施設、そしてオンラインのECサイト・メディアを含めた総合プラットフォームです。

老いるのが怖い、介護になったらもう終わり、何もできなくなり、したいことも諦めないといけないと考えている人が多いと思います。 しかし、実は美味しいフレンチの介護食や、おしゃれな介護用衣服など、老いや介護を支えるサービスやプロダクトは沢山あります。 私の父は私が17歳の時、44歳の若さで若年性の認知症とパーキンソン病を発症しました。  最初は絶望していた私たちですが、様々なサポートに支えられてつい最近まで11年間、父を在宅で介護することができました。 また、昨年9月には家族3人でハワイにも行きました。 エコノミークラスでもベッドの様に座席を使えるANAのサービスのおかげでビジネスクラスを使わずとも安全に空の旅を過ごすことができましたし、 海の中にも入れる水陸両用の車椅子のおかげで、なんと要介護4の父でもハワイの海にも入ることができたのです。 そのため、老いたり介護になっても、したいことを諦める必要はありません。

このように、知ることは希望を生みます。  だからこそ、私は老いや病気・障がい・介護への希望を持てる、シニアのためのテーマパーク シルバーニアを作ります。 ケアプロダクト産業は国内では20兆円、全世界では300兆円にものぼります。シルバーニアを通じて国内市場を活性化し、将来的には海外に輸出をして、巨大市場を狙っていきます。 このプラットフォームについて出展したく存じます。









Brand owner : Moe Kaneko


Graduated from the University of Tokyo, College of Liberal Arts. She has been caring for her father at home for more than 11 years, who himself developed Juvenile Dementia at 17 years old and Parkinson’s Disease at the young age of 43. After working for a foreign consulting firm and a foreign manufacturer, she started a company in June 2022 to care for caregivers who care for their families at home, based on her own experience and with the vision of “Creating a society where people are not afraid of growing old”. As a former young caregiver, he has appeared in a BBC documentary, a TBS special, and a Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare awareness program.