Ribbon Bag / Sulci




Product name:  Ribbon Bag


A bag with such a big ribbon is sure to stand out. It’s not too sweet and has a mature and cute design.







Brand name : Sulci


Sulci has our own workshop in Cebu, Philippines, and provides crochet training to local women who want to work but have no jobs. Women make bags using natural material raffia (a type of palm tree, raffia leaf fiber) and crochet. Currently, there are about 50 crocheters in the local area, and we have a consistent production system from procuring yarn to finishing the bag, and we are making sustainable products. Raffia bags with a wide variety of designs are lightweight, durable and flexible, and have good breathability. Our bags are sold at major department stores in Japan, select shops and web shops in Japan and overseas.











Brand owner : Satomi Sekiya

After graduated art college she had her own brand as a knit designer and sold the items she designed on boutiques. Then she ran her own shop in Tokyo for 25 years. In 2011, she established the raffia bag brand Sulci.