《Re:You》 TOHOKU Strawberry Farmers Chocolate / Losszero




Product name: 《Re:You》 TOHOKU Strawberry Farmers Chocolate


《Re:You》TOHOKU Strawberry Farmers Chocolate was developed to support strawberry farmers
in Kesennuma City who are trying to revive their business after the Tohoku Earthquake
and to reduce food loss at the same time. The product is an upcycled product made from misshapen strawberries
from strawberry farms and high quality chocolate ingredients that are left unused in Japan.
The product was developed in cooperation with strawberry farmers,
an NPO providing reconstruction assistance in Kesennuma, a designer
from Kesennuma, a big company engaged in regional development, and us Losszero.
The product has a positive visual appeal that makes the most of the misshapen strawberries
and sends a message to the public. The more of this product that Losszero sells,
the more we can pay the farmers. Consumers can consume ethically, less waste is good for the environment,
and this product can make a lot of people smile. Since January 2021,
we have been developing the upcycled brand “Re:You” which is a rebirth of resources
that are discarded without being used. The 3Rs of the environment: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
Re:You also means “let us think again” and “there is a reason (riyu in Japanese) to eat.
As of March 2023, 22,000 items have been sold.


食品ロス削減を同時に叶えるために開発した商品です。 いちご農家で生まれた形の悪いいちごと、
環境の3R:Reduce(発生抑制)・Reuse(再使用) · Recycle(再生利用)という言葉がありますが、





Brand name :  Losszero


A food loss reduction platform that connects food that has lost its sales channels directly to consumers
and businesses. In addition to sharing misshapen and surplus food products generated in the food manufacturing
and distribution industries through subscription and e-commerce,
upcycled food using unused ingredients is developed and sold through DtoC and at department stores.
Loss Zero proposes “ethical consumption” to society by carefully informing customers of the reasons for loss
and the thoughts of the makers so as not to cause brand damage to the makers,
and to encourage positive consumption. A portion of the proceeds is donated to children in poor
and welfare facilities. Winner of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry
and Fisheries “Food Industry Mottainai Award 2020” Special Prize,
Japan Subscription Business Award 2022 Special Prize, and Osaka Environmental Award 2022 Grand Prix.
Signed comprehensive cooperation agreements with Higashiosaka City and Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture,
and a business cooperation agreement with Osaka Prefecture.
We are working to reduce food loss in cooperation with many local governments and large corporations.


おおさか環境賞2022グランプリを受賞。 202年東大阪市・兵庫県川西市と包括連携協定、大阪府と事業連携協定を締結済。









Brand owner : Mitsuki Bun


Serial entrepreneur. Graduated from Doshisha University, Faculty of Economics,
worked at a major financial institution, then studied abroad, got married, and had a baby. 2001,
started a business at home. She has sold 4.5 million items on her e-commerce site specializing
in hair accessories, and her annual e-commerce sales have exceeded 500 million yen.
She has won the Shop of the Year award three times on Rakuten Ichiba,
Japan’s largest e-commerce shopping mall, with an award rate of 0.3%.
In 2010, she started collecting unused hair accessories.
Donated 40,000 items to girls in 10 countries around the world.
Supported sales and vocational training programs in Cambodia.
In 2014, she was an IT lecturer at the Asian Women Social Entrepreneurs Conference in Thailand.In 2017,
she was a member of the review committee for the Business Exchange Project of Women Entrepreneurs
in Asia and the Pacific, Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office.
Has been a director of NPO Doshisha University Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Network
since 2013 and a mentor for supporting women entrepreneurs in Kansai since 2017.
In 2018, based on her 8-year experience of reusing hair accessories and the need for resource recycling,
focused on food loss, which is one of the major social issues in the world. 2018,
she started a food loss reduction platform “Loss Zero”. In the same year,
was sent to Silicon Valley for 2 weeks by APT WOMEN,
an acceleration program to support women entrepreneurs in Tokyo. 2019-2021, Regular TV commentator in Kansai.