MIYABI Cache-coeur Dress / kay me




Product name:  MIYABI Cache-coeur Dress


Paying homage to the traditional visiting kimonos of Japan, the kay me MIYABI dress features a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in a traditional Japanese style, designed by a top designer in England. Pieced together with the gara-tori technique, it features the precision and high skill of skilled artisans in a femininely graceful fit & flare silhouette that you can wear to impress at any occasion. Made of lustrous back-brushed jersey for additional softness and warmth.


「訪問着」をオマージュ kay me の真骨頂ドレス。ウォッシャブルで光沢感ある「裏起毛」ジャージーでおつくりしました。英国トップのデザイナーが描く花束を「和」の世界観に落とし込みました。「柄取り」という高難度の技術が詰め込まれた1枚。フィット&フレアの女性らしい優美なシルエット





Brand name :  kay me


“kay me” is a Japanese D2C brand that operates with the mission of “supporting those who challenge themselves” by offering a “problem-solving wardrobe” for busy and social people. All of their products are made in Japan using stretchy materials that are flexible even for the lining and thread, using high quality materials that can be washed at home without getting wrinkled. Since its establishment, the company has been working on five initiatives to achieve a sustainable world.


1. Ensuring continuity of Japanese artisanry – All kay me items are made in Japan with rare and unique techniques by master Japanese craftspeople. The brand’s prints are characterized by motifs and color schemes inspired by the beauty of nature, such as flowers, birds, wind, and the moon. This is also inspired by the founder’s grandmother’s experience running a kimono shop. The company continues to protect Japan’s manufacturing industry, which has both “durability” and “attention to beauty” and advances in “technological evolution.”

2. Animal welfare – “Not sacrificing animals for the sake of fashion” is the company’s corporate philosophy, and kay me has been developing items using non-animal materials since its establishment. They achieve a balance between animal welfare and functionality by incorporating cutting-edge fabric technologies.

3. Continuation of “zero clothing waste” – For the past 12 years since its establishment, kay me has continued “zero clothing waste”, with the process being optimized year over year. Customers are asked to answer an online survey about “need or not” before production decisions are made. Only the appropriate amount that can be sold at a fair price is produced according to size.

4. Fair pricing – The company provides customers with “always the same fair price” and has decided not to have “sales” in the hope that this kind of pricing mechanism, which many would see as being contrary to mass consumption, ensures equity for all customers and stability for future generations of artisans.

5. “Problem-solving” for busy people – All kay me items have problem-solving features for busy people. Through their items, which incorporate solutions to the real-life struggles of busy/ambitious people learned through ongoing dialog with customers and the founder’s own experiences in the corporate world, the brand supports people who challenge themselves.


kay me(ケイミー)は「挑戦する人を応援する」をミッションとして、 忙しくて社交的な人の「課題解決服」を展開する日本製D2Cブランドです。 糸や裏地まで伸縮するストレッチ素材を採用し、 全て自宅で洗えてシワにならない高品質なアイテムを提供しています。 また、創業以来「持続可能な世界」を実現するべく、 5つの取組みを続けてきました。


①日本の技術を継承 kay meのアイテムは全て希少な「日本製」。 「匠の技術」を持つ日本の職人さんと共にお創りしております。 またkay meのプリントは、花鳥風月など自然の美からの モチーフや色づかいが多いのも特徴です。 これは、創業者毛見の祖母の営む呉服屋での原体験から インスパイアされたものでもあります。 「耐久性」と「美しさへのこだわり」、 そして日進月歩の「技術の進化」を持つ 日本のものづくり産業を守り続けています。

②アニマルウェルフェア 「ファッションのために、動物を犠牲にしない」ことを 企業理念として、kay meでは創業以来 ノンアニマル素材を使用したアイテムの開発に取り組んできました。 そして、最先端の技術を取り入れることによって アニマルウェルフェアと機能性の両立を実現しています。

③「衣料廃棄ゼロ」を継続 kay meは創業以来 12年間「衣料廃棄ゼロ」を継続しています。 生産決定前にお客様にオンラインサーベイで 「必要の有無」を回答いただくようお願いし 適正価格で売り切れる分量のみをサイズ別に生産しています。

④フェアな価格で取引 お客様に「いつも同じ適正な価格で」提供し、 工場さんに「高度な技術を後世に継承してほしい」 という思いのもと「セールをしない」ことを決め、 生産者とお客様がどちらも幸せになれる 三位一体のエコシステムを目指しています。

⑤忙しい人のための「課題解決」 kay meのアイテムはすべて、 忙しい人のための課題解決要素を持っています。 忙しく働く人の等身大の悩みとその解決方法を 盛り込んだアイテムを通して、挑戦を応援しています。









Brand owner : Junko Kemi


Junko Kemi is the founder and lead designer of kay me. She started kay me in July 2011 in Ginza, Tokyo. In 2008, Kemi also established a marketing consulting company, after providing consulting services as a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group from 2004 to 2007. She mainly provided consulting service to the financial, IT, and energy industries. Kemi first built her career in marketing and sales for a nationwide publishing company,Benesse. Kemi has received numerous awards for her entrepreneurship, including the ‘5th DBJ Women Entrepreneurs Grand Prize‘ by the Development Bank of Japan in 2016, the ‘2015 Entrepreneur of the Year’ by the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan as well as receiving a merit award in the Global Strategy category at the ‘2014 MIT Venture Forum of Japan’.Kemi holds a BSc in History from The University of Waseda, Japan.