mini sail / sAto



Product name:  mini sail


Used sailcloth up-cycled into one-in-the-world earrings with golden threads by the hands of creators with disabilities.

May it catch the good breeze and help you sail forward!










Brand name :  sAto


While traditional crafts, such as kimono, disappear from our daily lives, their materials, 
which have also been hand-crafted over generations, are dying out. 
Our passion is to re-discover the beauty and the potential of those traditional materials today and beyond.

Inspired by the philosophy behind kintsugi, repairing and further leveraging the value
of broken earthenwares with urushi lacquer and gold powder, we created ‘kintsugi bags’ up-cycling used sailcloth 
with the golden threads.

The symbol of each item, ‘kintsugi tag’ is hand-crafted by creators with disability. 
1% of our sales will be donated to plant urushi trees in Japan, 
whose sap is vital to the majority of Japanese crafts.



金箔,和紙,漆,木材,絹など伝統的な材料と共に受け継がれてきました。そしてこれらの材料も 職人の手仕事により作られてきました。

全てのアイテムのシンボルであるkintsugi tagは都内の福祉施設のクリエイターさんが一つ一つ作っています。

売り上げの1%は、金糸を含む 日本の伝統工芸に欠かせない漆の木の植樹活動に寄付します。









Brand owner : Akari Hori


Born in Kyoto, Jun 09, 2020. Growing up beside a family business of selling metallic leaves
and powder for over 310 years, she has seen the vulnerability and the potentials
of the materials for traditional crafts. Having developed EC website for the family business
and seeing how the modern creativity can empower the traditional materials,
she became passionate about creating a brand herself to showcase the traditional crafts materials
and started working on sAto in 2021.