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Product name:  Leaflow – CBD infused sparkling drink


Introducing a 240ml lightly carbonated beverage containing 20mg of CBD cultivated on an organic-certified farm in Oregon, USA. Supervised by Japanese renowned chef Le Macaron Yuka, who has worked on several fabulous restaurants and brands. Centered around elderflower, the beverage features hints of Hyuganatsu (Japan’s local citrus), Hinoki, and wine, combined with Setouchi Lemon extract, offering a delightful and refreshing taste with a fragrant aroma. The label features an exclusive artwork created by the up-and-coming artist Mais who worked on Kyoto temples’ arts. By scanning the QR code on the bottle, you can enjoy Leaflow’s original content accompanied by ambient music from musician Kenji Azuma. In addition to the exquisite flavor profile, this innovative beverage incorporates a unique blend of Japanese ingredients and aromas that distinguish it from other CBD products. By collaborating with local artists and musicians, Leaflow aims to create a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience for its users, connecting them to Japan’s rich culture and tradition.

Leaflow’s commitment to quality and innovation has earned it recognition in the wellness industry, and the brand continues to expand its product lineup to cater to diverse customer preferences. Each beverage is designed to offer a convenient and enjoyable way for busy individuals to incorporate CBD into their daily routines for improved well-being and relaxation.

By merging art, music, and taste, Leaflow’s CBD-infused carbonated drink is not only a refreshing and delicious option for self-care but also a unique experience that engages the senses and promotes a balanced, healthier lifestyle.











Brand name : Leaflow


Leaflow is a botanical food tech company that develops and sells wellbeing food and beverage products utilizing CBD. Leaflow’s CBD edibles feature carefully selected ingredients combined with unique Japanese fragrances. This creates a distinct taste and a relaxing sensation that harmonizes with Japan’s natural environment, setting it apart from other CBD products.

Additionally, Leaflow collaborates with music and artists to incorporate Japanese art and culture into their culinary experiences, providing users with a one-of-a-kind experience that blends tradition and modernity.

Our product lineup includes a variety of items to cater to users’ needs, such as Bliss Balls that enable efficient CBD intake and refreshing carbonated sparkling drinks. Each product incorporates its own unique scent and essence, allowing users to appreciate Japan’s aesthetic sensibilities. These products rooted in Japanese culture are perfect for busy modern people, making Leaflow an attention-worthy CBD brand that contributes to overall wellbeing. Having won the Meiji (Japan’s leading confectionary company) Accelerator Excellence Award, Leaflow continuously strives to incorporate new technologies and ideas, aiming to provide users with better products.


Leaflowは、CBDを用いたウェルビーイング飲食品を開発・販売するボタニカルフードテックです。 LeaflowのCBDエディブルズは、厳選された原料に加えて、日本独自の香りを配合しています。これにより、他のCBD製品とは一線を画した独特な味わいと、日本の風土に馴染むリラックス感を演出しています。また、Leaflowは音楽や動画とのコラボレーションを通して、日本発のアートやカルチャーを取り入れた食体験を提供しており、ユーザーに日本の伝統と現代の融合を感じさせる唯一無二の体験を提供しています。








Brand owner :  Maki Rui Nagamori

Tokyo-based serial entrepreneur Rui, CEO and Co-Founder of Leaflow Inc, offers next-gen Japanese branded CBD products for global expansion. Previously, she co-founded Carry On Inc., a children’s clothing sharing platform, and has experience in e-commerce, PR, branding, and marketing. Exited successfully in 2020. Rui supports women entrepreneurs and empowers future leaders in Japan through Startup Lady/One Young World as well. With 10+ years in MC, event operations and PR, and 3 years at Maersk Line, she holds a BA from Keio University (1997).