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Product name:  KYOKU ORGANIC GREEN TEA ~Natural-brew method~


This is a pack of 5 tea bags, an essential package for you to experience our NATURAL-BREW METHOD that our brand, KYOKU, proposes to you. KYOKU brand teas are grown 100% organically, using only organic fertilizers (natural fertilizers such as fish meal) that the farmers developed with a fertilizer manufacturer and that are suited to the red soil at the foot of Mt. This organic fertilizers are the reason for the unique taste and aroma of KYOKU teas. The farmers conduct a soil analysis, a health checkup, for each tea plantation, and customize the fertilizer for each plantation. This dialogue between the farmers and the soil creates the highest quality tea KYOKU offers, as it is made 100% from first harvest tea. The first harvest tea contains more theanine, which is said to relax the body and brings inspirations, than ordinary tea leaves, thus helping the user to regain their own nature.


私たちKYOKUブランドが提案する「NATURAL-BREW METHOD」体験に必要となる、 KYOKU独自のティーバッグが5つ箱に入った製品です。 KYOKUブランドのお茶は、農家が肥料メーカーと独自に開発した富士山の麓の赤土に合った有機肥料(魚粕などの自然なもの)だけを使い、化学合成肥料は一切使わず完全無農薬、有機栽培。KYOKUのお茶ならではの焙煎やブレンドのよって独自の味や香りが実現できるのは、この有機肥料があってこそ。農家が土壌分析という健康診断を茶園毎に行い、撒く肥料内容も茶園毎にcustomizeしています。KYOKUのお茶は、この農家と大地の対話により生み出された、一番摘み(最も上質)のお茶100%を使用。一番摘みのお茶は、リラックス効果やひらめきを与えてくれると言われるテアニンが一般的な茶葉に比べて多く含まれ抽出されるため、飲み手が自身のnatureを取り戻すことに貢献します。





Brand name :  KYOKU


Kyoku Teas introduces a rejuvenating new flavor ritual based in our Natural-brew method, that allows the true nature and flavors of the tea leaves to emerge. Natural-brewing is a combination of the way the teas are selected, the innovative roasting and blending techniques and the unique brewing process that allows them to be brewed at room temperature or colder to create a perfect tea every time. We have refined the art of tea making with our innovative roasting and blending techniques. By carefully selecting the finest tea leaves and honoring their origin and maximizing their character, we are able to enable anyone to brew the perfect tea. The true magic happens with our Natural-brewing method: Place the teabag in a bottle. Fill the bottle with the best water available, at room temperature or cooler. If you are looking to unwind and savor the moment with a cup of tea, let it sit for one to two hours to let the rich, full-bodied flavor linger on your taste buds, but if you are in a rush, shake it to immediately enjoy a crisp, refreshing flavor. The brand targets those people who are mindful of their bodies and wish to find a “flow” to their day. We hope that each person will find their own unique Natural-brewing method through Kyoku Tea. Our hope is to expand the natural-brewing experience, which is as much a philosophy as a roasting and brewing approach, starting in the U.S. and eventually around the world. You can enjoy this tea with your own bottle and water easily, enabling you to enjoy freshly made tea anytime, anywhere. It is much more eco-friendly than the plastic bottle beverage. The tea sachets themselves are made completely from plant materials and are 100% biodegradable.


Kyoku Teaは、茶葉本来の本質と味わいを引き出すNatural-brewメソッドに基づき、活力を与えてくれる新しい味わい深い習慣(フレーバーリチュアル)を紹介します。Natural-brewメソッドとは、誰もが簡単に最高のお茶を淹れる事ができるようにさせた、茶葉の選別方法、革新的な焙煎とブレンドの技術、そして常温または低温で抽出することができる独自の抽出方法の組み合わせの事です。 私たちは、革新的な焙煎とブレンドの技術で、お茶を淹れる技術を洗練させてきました。最高級の茶葉を厳選し、産地に敬意を払い、その個性を最大限に引き出すことで、誰でも完璧なお茶を淹れることができるようになりました。 ですが、真の魔法はNatural-brewingメソッドで起こります: ティーバッグをボトルに入れます。ボトルには、お手元にある室温または冷えたお水を入れます。お茶を飲みながらくつろぎ、その時間を味わいたいなら、1~2時間置いて、豊かでコクのある余韻を味わってください。でも、もし、急いでいるときは、すぐに振って、すっきりとしたさわやかな味わいを楽しんでください。 私たちのブランドは、自分の体のことを考え、一日の「自分の流れ」を見つけたいと願う人たちをターゲットにしています。Kyokuのお茶を通じて、一人ひとりが自分自身にあったNatural Brew Methodを見つけてほしいと考えています。私たちの願いは、焙煎や抽出のアプローチと同様に哲学でもあるNatural Brew Methodを、アメリカを初めとし、いずれは世界中に広げていきたいと考えています。 マイボトルと水で手軽に楽しめるので、いつでもどこでも入れたてのお茶を楽しむことができます。ペットボトル飲料よりずっと地球にやさしい製品です。ティーバッグ自体も完全に植物原料で作られており、100%生物分解されます。






Brand owner : Natsuko Waki


CEO Waki won the President’s Award twice at Suntory Holdings Limited, as the sales person of the year right out of college. She led the entire procurement program for IYEMON, the most famous and successful bottled tea in Japan, as she managed the tea leaves for the brand. She also managed the No. 1 selling mineral water brand in Japan as she created a new sub-category within the water category. In 2019, she has founded Hitotsubo Cha-en with Mr. Nagai, a “tea leaf designer” with rare expertise in Japanese tea (he was working for a famous Japanese trading company at the time), whom she met when she was managing the procurement of tea leaves for IYEMON. In 2020, as the Covid accelerated the remote working environment, she decides to change the direction of Hitotsubo Cha-en to achieve a larger business expansion. She conducted the test marketing activities in March the same year, which led to the launch of the business in July in Japan. In April 2010, the company received investment from U.S. investors and started product development for the U.S. market. Prototype was made in January 2023 as it was exhibited in the Fancy Food Show (Las Vegas) in the same month.